Best Online Meat Delivery Box Service

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Finding the best online meat delivery box service is not easy. There are many out there that offer great services and deliver high-quality meat.

“Here you can find my list of online meat delivery services I have reviewed in random order.”

In my opinion, all these places to order meat online have their own pros and cons. I will try to help you find the one that is the best for your family and personal situation.

Crowd Cow

crowd cow logo

If there is one company that should not be left out I think it is Crowd Cow. I am not sure, but I believe that they are one of the pioneers in online meat delivery.

You can click here to read my Crowd Cow review.

Butcher Box

butcher box logo

I had to do this in random order, but there is no special reason that the Butcher Box is the second one I am mentioning here.

If you see how many people look for the Butcher Box review like I did. I guess this is also one of the top-rated meat delivery program.


farmfood logo

Maybe Farmfoods is not as well known as the two I mentioned above, but still popular enough to make it to this list.

Click here to find my Farmfoods Review

Snake River Farms

snake river farms logo

I had a good look at the Snake River Farms program and where their meat comes from.

I found enough good reasons that I could justify having them here and write a Snake River Farms review.

Carnivore Club

carnivore club logo

As the name Carnivore Club tells us this is all about meat in any shape or form and delivering meat to our homes by ordering online.

You can click here to read my Carnivore Club Review.

Honest Bison

honest bison logo

The Honest Bison company offers the option to order grass-fed Bison and Elk meat for affordable prices

You can read the Honest Bison Review here.

DeBragga Meats

debragga meats logo

I had a good look at this New York meat delivery service on my Debragga Reviews page.

They have been around for a long time and have a reputation to keep up with.

Perdue Farms

perdue farms logo

Perdue Farms have been around for a long time and have a good reputation for selling quality meats.

You can read my Perdue Farms reviews on this page and find all you need to know.

Vital Choice Meats

vital choice logo

Vital Choice meats are all organic and raised to high standards.

I am working on the review but for now, you can have a look at the Vital Choice meats here on their website.

Porter Road

porter road logo

The Porter Road meat market has a really interesting story behind it.

But most important is that they sell their meat not just in their store but also online.

You can read my porter road review on its own page.

Fossil Farms

fossil farms logo

Fossil Farms is not your regular Joe when it comes to online meat stores.

There large selection of exotic meats ranging from Lion to antelope but they also sell regular cuts of meat.

You can read the Fossil Farms reviews here on its own page.

Meat n’ Bone

meat n bone logo

When I started reading about the Meat n’ Bone company I knew I had to add them here.

I am working on the content for a review but it is not done yet. for now, you click on the link below.

read my Meat n Bone reviews

The Meatery

I have not dug really deep into this meat delivery that claims to deliver the best Wagyu yet. But from what I have seen it looks very promising. You can read here what I found out about The Meatery.

Pursuit Farms

pursui farms

I had a good look at them and wrote about this high-quality meat delivery service in my Pursuit Farms review to help you decide on them.

Grassland Beef

grassland beef

Grassland beef is also known under the name US Wellness Beef and I dug deep into the grassland Beef review.

Good Chop

good chop

Good chop is fairly new in meat delivery. I tested them and you can read my Good Chop review here.

Good Ranchers

good rachers logo

This review took me a lot of time. I had to dig deep to find out more but after that, I was happy I did the Good Ranchers reviews.

Schweid & Sons

schweid and sons

Schweid and Sons are a meat delivery company that is totally committed to selling hamburgers. You can read my Schweid and Sons burger review here.

Jerky Dynasty

At first, I was not sure to add it to this meat delivery page but since Jerky is also meat I decided to add it here. You read my Jerky Dynasty reviews on their own page.

More about the best meat delivery services

Although I have found the most popular and, in my opinion, best meat delivery services. Each of them by itself could be the best home meat delivery service online. It depends on what meat you are shopping for and I hope that the reviews also answer the question of how to buy meat online.

If you are into steaks you can have a look at the page I made for finding the best online steaks. Where I tried to find and reviewed several stores.

You can see on that page that some of them are the same companies I wrote about and the reason is that some of them have specific pages for and to order steaks.

I am still planning on adding many more of them to help you find the best online meat market to help you make life easier after a busy day at work and to help you find the answer to the question of where can I order meat online?

How Do I Conduct My Meat Delivery Reviews?

meat delivery services reviews written on a typewriter.

I have a lot of experience doing research and writing reviews and this will help me do this job of reviewing online meat stores and finding your best meat delivery service.

There are a few obvious things I look at in an online butcher shop and they are:

  • Quality of the meat
  • Grass-fed
  • Grass-finished
  • Customer reviews
  • Packaging
  • Prices
  • Shipping cost
  • Delivery time
  • Refunds
  • Guarantees
  • Online Reputation

You will understand that these are just a few of the things I look at in my research to find the best online meat delivery service. In many cases, you have to read between the lines to also.

I can give you an example, some sellers call their meat organic. In the past, I already did research on what Organic legally means (1) and I use this in my end conclusion.

If I still have questions I will not hesitate to contact the supplier or even the farm where the meat comes from.

I have noticed that most suppliers like to help me out with my questions.

What to expect after your meat is delivered

After your place your order at your best meat delivery service you have to make sure it is the quality your expected from it. Here are some tips.

As soon as your meat delivery box is delivered you should open the package to see if it still is frozen or at least cold enough to refreeze.

There are sources that mention that you can not refreeze meat after it had been thawed out. I have, however, done this several times without any problem.

I suggest that you write a date on the package and maybe also a little label that mentions what is in the package. I have had several times that I forgot what I put in the package.

The meat should look fresh and appealing to the eye and here are some tips on how it should look.

Pork. This meat should have a pink to red color and the fat should be white and not have any dark colors. It is not a good sign when it is pale in color

Beef. The best color to see on beef is a kind of bright cherry. Just be aware that a sealed bag can make it look darker red. If you open it up it should be bright red.

Lamb. The color of a good piece of lamb is red to soft pink and the fat should be white, just as the marbeling.

Poultry. Chicken or Turkey is supposed to look pink. If it is grey it means it is older. It is obvious that a greenish or purple discoloration in parts of the neck and a darker wing is not a good sign.

How much to order?

How much meat should I order? This is a question I have seen many times. I always like to order as much as I can afford at the time of ordering. The reason for this is that in many cases the shipping fees stay the same and I save money on ordering more.

The second reason is that many of the meat delivery services I have reviewed here have sales. If you have a sale and you can order more you benefit double.

When you buy meat online in bulk at the right time you can save quite a lot of money.

Meat for a BBQ party

Meat for a BBQ party. I don’t know about you but I love to grill and smoke meat on the grill. I have found a few of the best places to order meat for the BBQ and wrote about them here on the website. Many people order meat that is specifically cut for grilling. For these orders, I maintain the same criteria. Order as much as you can to save money.

On this website, I not only look at meat but also at the best home food delivery in other categories.

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