The Dapper Dog Box Reviews

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the dapper dog box reviews

If you love your pup (obviously), then you’d also love to spoil them now and then. If you read my Dapper Box review there are many ways to do so, and a simple google search will give you tons of ideas on the best toys and treats.

But, when you’re short on time and don’t need all the hassle of choosing, subscription boxes come in handy. I came across Dapper Box Dog a few days ago and had the chance to give a detailed review of how they work. Stay put as I unravel the nitty-gritty of Dapper Dog Box.

About Dapper Dog Box 

Inspired by her dog Asha, Kerrie came up with Dapper Dog Box in a bid to provide top-notch treats for dogs. The USA-based company provides monthly subscription services for modern dog parents and their fluffy friends. 

It is a customizable service where you create a profile with all of your pet’s information and customize your dog’s treats based on their chewing style, size. Allergies, and diet. Each subscription box includes 5-6 items that are approximately $60, and shipping is free in all states within the USA. 

How Dapper Dog Box Works

Each of Dapper Dog Box’s delivery contains five items: two treats, two toys, and a bandana. The company chooses each box based on a theme that changes monthly. The type of toys included in the pack will also depend on the size of your dog. So, Dapper Dog Box makes sure no toy is too heavy or too small for your dog to have fun with. The site has a Heavy Chewer option for larger-sized dogs. 

To make a subscription, head over to the official website and click on “GET A BOX” on the homepage. You will receive a menu based on the current month’s themed box. Select your subscription period for the list which include 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months options. Click on “BUY NOW” to make your order. 

You will also get an option to choose a Heavy Chewer menu which will cost you $5 more. This option includes rather heavy toys (but not bones!) that are more durable. The next option is to choose your dog’s size, gender, chicken/grain allergy, allergy, or beef/grain allergy.  Once done, select  “CONTINUE.”

Lastly, review your order and enter the billing information, your account, shipping and then click “CHECKOUT” to buy your treats. 

Dapper Dog Box Pricing

Each monthly box has two treats, two toys and a bandana. The pricing for regular chewers is different from the heavy chewers which have heavy-duty toys. Both are available in various subscription lengths: 

Subscription lengthRegular Cost Heavy Chewer Cost 
1 month$30$35
3 months $78$93
6 months $144$174
12 months $264$324

Both the regular and heavy chewers box subscriptions will come in select monthly themes and if your dog happens to ruin any of the toys within 10 days of delivery Dapper Dog Box will send a new or better toy. 

What Makes Dapper Dog Box Unique?

Every company tries to have a unique selling point and the Dapper Box has one to. Here is my opinion about that.

The Toys Are High Quality

Toys for pets need to be made in a durable manner since dogs use teeth to grab and throw them. While these toys may not be as hard as bones, they are made of high-quality materials, and I have not yet found any customer review that questions their durability.

Treats Are Amazing

Dapper Dog Box has two treats in every monthly box, and they are all-natural and made in the United States. For instance, the Nutter Bites looked terrific and I bet any dog would love it. Also, the fact that Dapper Dog Box has included treats in the box is worth the hype. 

Adorable Accessories

Apart from the delicious treats, the dog box review comes with good-looking accessories that fit the month’s theme. For instance, during the Autumn season, you may get an Autumn Leaves pattern bandana or an abstract pattern with orange hues. The accessories are perfectly tailored and will fit your dog to the T. 

Dapper Dog Box Pros and Cons


  • Free shipping in the USA
  • Treats are soy and corn-free 
  • No bones or rawhides included 
  • The company replaces Heavy Chewers toys if destroyed within 10 days


  • Shipping cost of $4.99 for Canadian pet owners and $25 across other countries 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a couple of frequently asked questions about Dapper Dog Box

When will my subscription box arrive?

Orders on Dapper Dog Box ship every 10th of the month. However, for first-time orders, the company will ship within three business days, unless you order after 22nd where your order will arrive by the first week of the next month. 

How can I contact customer service? 

To talk to their customer representatives, email at 

What if my dog has allergies?

If your dog has allergies, worry not. Dapper Dog Box has plans for dogs with grain, beef/grain, chicken/grain allergies. Once you sign up, choose the appropriate allergy item from the list to personalize your subscription box. 

How do I cancel my subscription? 

To cancel your subscription, head to the homepage and navigate to the “MY SUBSCRIPTIONS” panel and click on “CANCEL.” Note that if you cancel your subscription, you cannot claim any amount that is already charged in the month’s subscription. So, you must cancel before the automatic renewal on your account. You can also skip a month of subscription by clicking “SKIP NEXT MONTH.”

Dapper Box Reviews – My Conclusion

Overall, I give the Dapper Dog Box a thumbs up! They have a unique idea for pet owners which include so many options to personalize your subscription. They have an extra accessory to help your dog stay on top of its game. The company also has a competition where they award 1-3 winners a free box once the subscribers share photos of their box and pup on Instagram and Facebook.

Dapper Dog Box is one of the ultimate pet food subscription services for the modern dog mom and dad. I would recommend it to anyone willing to have a fun experience with their pets. 

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