Best Online Pet Food Delivery Service – Fresh, Raw And Frozen

Find the Best Online Pet Food Delivery Dervices

Pets can not go to the store and pick their own food. They rely on us humans to make sure that we feed them what they need. There are many good online stores where you can order food for your pets.

Finding the best pet food delivery which delivered the best quality at the most affordable prices takes a lot of reading and comparing. I did that for you and you can find the result here.


Before giving you our top-rated online stores I have to tell you that I made a special page with more information about online dog food delivery service by clicking on this link.

Here are my favorites.

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Chewy is one of the dog food delivery services I can not leave out of this page. You can read my Chewy reviews here and really all about this service.

You can read the whole Crafted Kibble reviews on its own page.


I had a good look at the Raw Wild company and if this is the kind of dog food you are looking for you can read my opinion and read my Raw Wild dog food reviews here.

When I stumbled upon Pet Plate I found out that they are offering high-quality human-grade dog food and deliver it straight to your house. Reason for me to have a good look at these claims and you can read my findings in the Pet Plate review I did for you.

Although not really considered dog food, the bully sticks are the best snacks you can give your dogs to keep their teeth clean and keep them busy for a while. Here you can read my Bully Bundles review.

Our dogs also need snacks and toys to keep them happy. That was a good reason for me to have a look at and do a Dapper Box Review to help you decide on that.

Hungry Bark is a company that offers many types of dog food. From dry food, supplement, and protein to custom plans. You can read my Hungry Bark review on its own page or have a look at the banner below.

My Bully Sticks is a great company for you to get your dog some chewable bully sticks. You can read the My Bully Sticks review on its own page.

Ketogenic Pet Foods

Cats and dogs are carnivores and for that reason, they need to eat proteins and fats from meats and organs. The Ketogenic Pet Foods website is filled with these healthy foods for your cat and dog.

You can find the store at and order food that is good for your pet.


Cats have different needs than dogs. I had a good look at what is best for them.

Here you can find our list of the online stores I reviewed to deliver high-quality cat food to your doorsteps. However, again I made a separate page for online cat food delivery.

Here are some of my favorites

Save up to 33% with Bundle Deals -  Shop Now

Ordering pet food online.

You can just search for this in your favorite search engine and found many companies to choose from that will deliver pet food to your house. The question, however, is what is the quality and are there any delivery costs, or does it come with free delivery?

Is it cheaper to buy pet food online?

No, it is not always cheaper to order your pet food in an online store. But in many cases it is.

There is, however, the convenience of doing so. No 50 lbs of dog food you have to drag in and out of your car to give an example.

Some stores offer a monthly service and that is a nice money saver in my opinion.

Is it safe to order pet food online?

In general, the answer to the question if it is safe to buy your pet food online is yes. Like any other online purchase, you have to make sure the store is legit and ships on time. That is why I did all the research here to advise you where to go.

I do not only write about pets here about many of the home food delivery services, there are to find. From meals and meat to BBQ boxes and snacks you can find it all on the menu here on Couch Potato Delivery.

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