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mr. steak reviews

Why I did Mr. Steak reviews? Anyone who loves meat craves a special steakhouse dinner. There are many steakhouses in the country, but almost all are too expensive and, therefore, out of reach for most of us.

Well, if you thought your wallet would forever come between you and enjoying premium beef steak, I might just have the solution for you in this Mr. Steak review.

During one of my many searches, I came across Mr. Steak. Here is my review of what is one of the meat delivery services companies that make family steakhouse dinners a regular thing.

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About Mr. Steak

The foundations of Mr. Steak can be traced back to the love and passion for grilling that a 4th generation Chicago native by the name of Mick Scully has. Mr. Scully grew up in a family that has a deep appreciation for grilling. From decades of watching and helping his dad grill ribs, he gained all the skills needed to stand apart as a world-class grill master.

After years of experience and even at one point, a cook for the cooks as a Private in the US Army, Mr. Scully’s love for grilling led him to found Mr. Steak. Today, Mr. Steak sells meat and their very own grills and grilling accessories.

Mr. Steak’s mission is to help as many people as possible enjoy steakhouse quality meals during outdoor expeditions or in the comfort of their backyards. The meat company even has a grill school that gives the average person tips on making the best-grilled meat.

How Mr. Steak Works

My Mr. Steak review shows that this is an online meat vendor, meaning you as the buyer will not have to walk from store to store looking for the perfect steak. You simply choose your meat from the comfort of your home, have it delivered to your doorstep, and start grilling. If you are wondering how you can cook the steak, Mr. Steak will also give you their recipes, techniques, and 10 commandments of Steak so you can cook like a pro.

When choosing the meat to order, you have two options;

Mr. Steak Curated Boxes

Mr. Steak’s curated boxes option, In this Mr. Steak, has carefully chosen and organized meat boxes for different occasions. Therefore, you choose the package that is best suited for the occasion you are hosting. For instance, if the guys are coming over to hang out for a Sunday afternoon, the Big Boys Bone-In Box-Choice/Prime is perfect for the occasion.

There are ten curated boxes to choose from.

  • Super Starter Box
  • Monster Cut Box – Prime
  • Monster Cur Box – Choice
  • Grill Master Box – Prime
  • Grill Master Box – Choice
  • Family Favorite Box – Prime
  • Family Favorite Box – Choice
  • Big Boys Bone-In Box – Choice
  • Big Boys Bone-In Box – Prime
  • Base Camp Survival Box

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Mr. Steaks Build Your Own Box

There are 11 cuts of meat to choose from

  • T-Bone
  • Porterhouse
  • NY Strip
  • Flat Iron Steak
  • Filet Mignon
  • Craft Steak Burgers
  • Craft Brisket Burgers
  • Cowboy Steak
  • Boneless Ribeye
  • Bone-In Ribeye
  • Bone-In Kansas City Strip

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Build your own is for the people who trust in their ability to choose the perfect meats for the occasion, you can always build your box. This style lets you choose individual meat pieces based on your personal preferences. There are various meat pieces to choose from, including; T-Bone, Porterhouse, NY Strip, Filet Mignon, and so much more.

Once you are satisfied with your cart’s contents, you can now check out and proceed to fill out your shipping information, and select the shipping method before proceeding to payment.

I can write a ton more but a video with proof might do a better job.

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Did you hear her say after grilling the steak that this was probably one of the best steaks she ever ate?

Grills and Grilling Accessories

It’s not just meat that Mr. Steak has to offer; the company also offers high-performance grilling machines that feature infrared technology. This is the latest technology in grilling, and it has been accompanied by much hype since its launch.

The tech has lots of benefits, including faster preheating and cooking times, even heat distribution, versatility, fuel efficiency, no flare-ups, easy to clean, and very durable. Infrared grills are so good that enthusiasts praise them for cooking tastier foods.

Mr. Steak also has its line of spices and grilling accessories. They have their own monster brush, BBQ grill splatter mat, grill stand, propane grill cover, grill gloves, and many other accessories.

Mr. Steak Grills are available online at three retailers, the Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s, and Abt. When buying a grill, the website displays icons of the retailers. When you click on any one of the icons, you are redirected to the corresponding online store to proceed with your purchase.

The grilling spices and accessories are only available at Bass Pro Shops. Therefore, only the Bass Pro Shops icon will be displayed when you proceed to buy.

User Account

Fans can also create an account and be part of the Mr. Steak adventure. Those interested can subscribe to an email newsletter with lots of recipes and grilling tips. Fans also get to enjoy discounts through coupons.

Mr. Steak Pricing

Mr. Steak products go at quite a fantastic rate. The cheapest individual meat pieces start at $17.50, while the cheapest curated meat box goes for $139.00.  The grills will also give you value for your money. These prices are at the time of my writing this Mr. Steak review and can have changed.

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Why is Mr. Steak Special?

High-Quality Meat

Despite his goal of making steakhouse-quality grilled meat cheaper, Mr. Scully makes sure to source stakes of the highest quality. They get their meat from the “Napa Valley of Beef,” which are ranches within a 250-mile radius in Omaha, Nebraska.  The animals are raised in the best conditions and fed on pasture which improves the meat’s quality.

Mr. Steak states that their meat is in the top 2-3% of all the meat produced in the country, and this claim is backed by numerous 5-star reviews of happy customers that I read.

Good Quality Accessories and Grills

Their grills and grilling accessories are also of the highest quality. As stated earlier, Mr. Steak sells infrared grills, which have numerous advantages, including making your grilled meat sweeter.

The spices will make your meat even more delicious.

Value for Money

Concerning the price, Mr. Steak gives you value for your money and so much more. You pay less than you would in a typical steakhouse and still get to enjoy the same quality of meat.

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Meal Donation Program

Mr. Steak runs a meal donation program where for every box of steak you purchase, a hungry child, family, or individual gets a nutritious meal.

Mr. Steak Pros

  • Carbon neutral shipping
  • Biodegradable coolers

Mr. Steak reviews – My conclusion and Opinion

Overall, Mr. Steak is an excellent brand driven by one man’s love for grilling. Their goal to make steakhouse quality meat available to more people and back that up with high-quality meat puts them ahead of the competition.

Anyone wanting to become a world-class meat griller should definitely join the Mr. Steak community. Maybe my Mr. Steak reviews helped you decide on this while you were still not sure if you should order steaks online.

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