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Why I did Diet To Go reviews? Fitness is no joke, and sometimes the busy lives we live can become a hindrance to following strict diet plans. Takeouts are becoming risky options, and most people turn to meal delivery services.

Apart from convenience, meal delivery kits have something else to offer- healthy food. But you won’t find plenty of these subscription boxes with meals specific to weight loss. I came across Diet To Go, a pioneer in weight loss “delivery,” and in this piece, we’re going to look at all there is about this meal delivery service.

What is Diet To Go?

The Diet To Go reviews show it is a diet meal delivery service meant for weight loss. Its menus are not only tasty but also specially designed to contain specific amounts of calories. Their foods are carefully crafted by chefs and dieticians to provide wholesome food for personalized needs.

I was surprised to know that the company has been in operation since the 1990s! I mean, they were the first meal delivery company to send out food with low-carbs and specific to weight loss. That’s a whopping three-decade experience in this field. 

Diet To Go doesn’t only offer meals for weight loss. They also have vegetarian specials, keto meals, and a diabetes plan. The company has since grown to be an essential meal service, recognized by fans of World Gym and cross-fit die-hards all over. The company also states that they have their kitchen inspected daily by the Department Of Agriculture (USDA). Furthermore, each meal plan passes through the American Diabetes Association, American Heart Association, and the American Cancer Association. 

Using Diet To Go must be a tremendous opportunity to take good care of your body and stay healthy. 

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How Does Diet To Go Work?

The Diet To Go reviews brought me to their website and it looks professional, and when you log in the first step is to choose which meal plan suits you. But wait, that’s not exactly what pops up on the screen. 

Diet To Go takes a bold step to ask a few questions about your weight, height, age, and exercise level just to give you a well-tailored insight. Though it’s not mandatory, I found this feature quite thoughtful. 

You can also choose to have Diet To Go deliver meals in rotation every five weeks or select a customized meal plan on the website. Meal deliveries happen every Tuesday and Friday. Diet To Go’s popular meals range from 1,200 calories (men) to 1,600 calories (women), and they allow you to at least skip a week if you’re away or have other plans.

The meal delivery service doesn’t cut it when it comes to canceling subscriptions. You have to call or email Diet To Go for any cancellations which, honestly, is kind of annoying.

Diet To Go Meal Plans

As mentioned earlier, Diet To Go has meals prepared for specific people under diet plans. That said, the different categories are basically as follows: 

  • Vegetarian 
  • Keto-Carb30 
  • Balance 
  • Balance Diabetes 


Before hitting meals for dietary meals, Diet To Go has a meal plan that’s good for you if you just want to eat healthily. It has no nutritional preferences, but each meal contains a balanced diet. That said, the options in this category are a little extra with customizing options and meal substitution.

This plan is the most established and probably the oldest Diet to Go meal plan. The meals are also full of flavor and an excellent option for customers looking to reduce sodium intake. 

Balance- Diabetes

This meal plan is suitable for those who want to regulate the amount of blood and sugar. The Balance-Diabetes plan is dedicated to those who are at risk or suffering from diabetes. It strictly follows the American Diabetes Association guidelines for fat and carbohydrate content in meals.

Apart from diabetes prevention, this meal can help lose weight since the average caloric intake is 1200 and 1600 for men and women, respectively. 


Diet To Go also provides the best flavors of food minus the meat. It is a comprehensive menu that’s controlled for cholesterol, carbs, fat, and sodium.

Expect some heart-healthy meals as you browse in this section. It is crucial to note that the vegetarian meals offered in Diet To Go are referred to as “ovo-lacto” and contain soy, beans, eggs, and dairy. The site also doesn’t have a vegan section. 


Keto-Carb30 is an uprising dietary plan that aims at losing weight in a useful and timely manner. It follows the rule of consuming 30 net carbs per day but still maintaining a high protein intake. It is a hybrid meal plan and has shown significant results for those who use it. I haven’t tried the Keto-Carb30, but customers seem to love it. 

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Diet To Go Pricing 

Since there are meals for specific needs, Diet To Go’s costs vary from plan to plan. A week’s plan will contain 10-21 meals with an added shipping cost of $19.98 for any plan. The average price per week starts at $117 up to $200. 

The most expensive plan is the Keto-Carb30 plan which starts at an average of $133 per week. Also, note that the prices are different for both men and women due to the different calorie intake requirements.

If you take the minimum order at Diet To Go, you’ll pay $14.20 per meal for 10 meals. That’s not much if you compare it to other meal delivery kits.

But what makes Diet To Go expensive is their $20 flat rate shipping, and no matter how many orders you make, the shipping price remains the same. Most meal delivery services come with shipping offers for bulk orders, and sometimes it is free. 

Unboxing Diet To Go

I can write a lot more text, but sometimes a video is a better explanation. Here is a video from unboxing a Diet-To-Go box at home.

Highlights Of Diet To Go  

·        USDA Inspected 

One of the highlights of  Diet To Go reviews I found is the thorough inspection process by several food agencies. Common ones include the American Cancer Association, American Heart Association, and the American Diabetes Association.

It is very reassuring for customers as it is the only way to show that all foods are indeed healthy to eat and beneficial to your body. It also means that no toxic or unfit substances will come from other suppliers due to regular inspections. 

·        Diabetic-Friendly  

 Diet To Go is an excellent choice if you’re trying to stay on a diabetic diet. That’s because they have meals catered for this group of eaters with natural, fresh, and seasonal food. Guided by the American Diabetes Association, the meal delivery service ensures that everything is prepared just for this specific group of people.

But still, you can never be too sure, so I’d advise seeking a doctor’s recommendation before embarking on Diet To Go’s diabetic meal plan. 

·        Flexible Subscription 

Flexibility is key to leaving any meal delivery customer satisfied. When you have control of what you want to eat, including the number of days, it always makes you feel comfortable.

Diet To Go has a very elaborate plan, and you can change from 5-7 meals a week or decide to skip the week entirely.

You can also customize your dishes by choosing your favorite meals from each category. Allergic people can choose meals avoiding the foods they’re not supposed to eat. 

·        Great For Weight Loss

The popularity of Diet To Go came because of its weight loss program. The company offers meals that will definitely lead you on this journey of shedding a few pounds in a month or so.

They use exceptional ingredients, maintaining a great taste and not that bland-weight-loss-meal kind of flavor. Diet To Go has meals made of lean proteins and very low fat and carbs, the perfect mix for losing weight.

It is a meal delivery company that beats other diet programs that often do not consider your overall health. 

·        Informative Diet Advice And Analysis

Diet To Go’s meal plan comes with a lot of nutrition value information and diet analysis. You can see it the moment you try to sign up, and they prompt you to answer a few questions about your weight height, gender, etc.

They use this information to make sure you get valuable health advice that will motivate you to create a healthy meal plan. 

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Diet To Go Shipping And Packaging

Diet To Go meals come in a well-insulated box, and they make sure each ingredient is carefully sealed and packed. Apart from sealed packages, the company also gives you useful information about diet and nutrition, which helps you know what exactly you’re eating.

I also noticed the package included recommendations on what beverages you should consume along with the chosen meal plan- amazing! Meal deliveries happen every Tuesday and Friday, and the company charges a flat rate shipping charge of $20. 

Diet To Go Pros And Cons


  • Convenient meal delivery service. Diet To Go meals come “ready-to-heat”, and you don’t need any preparations. If you go for the 21-meal week plan, then you practically don’t have to think about what to eat for the whole week. 
  • Delicious flavors. While most diet programs have bland meals, Diet To Go has an enriched meal selection with the right seasoning. 
  • Food safety. Diet To Go makes sure that all foods are not only fit for human consumption but also meet their dietary demands. To facilitate this, they get regular visits from the American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, and the American  Cancer Association. 


  • Generally costly. Diet To Go meal and shipping prices do not match up to its competitors and the average person. Though they may have a better quality of meals, it may turn out expensive to maintain 165 or more bucks per week on a 21-meal plan. 
  • Not sustainable in the long term. While  Diet To Go helps you eat foods that are low on carbs, the preplanned nature of this service means that you still don’t get to have that discipline of choosing low-carb meals. 
  • Low-carb foods may leave you hungry. Calorie requirements vary widely from person to person. You may not be able to sustain the 1200 or 1600-a-day calorie meal plan. For instance, if you engage in a lot of exercises, 1600 calories are ideally on the lower side and can’t sustain your body’s metabolism.
  • Net carbs. If you’re following a strict Keto-Carb30 diet, Diet To Go may not give you the discipline required. Their meals in this category have 30 as an average daily number of carbs of 30. It means some days the number may be higher or lower than 30 and you have to check every meal. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does diet to go have coupons?

Of course! 

Once you become a member of Diet To Go, there will be lots of discounts and coupons on offer. Most are seasonal and will only come during holiday celebrations or sales promotions. To get the full benefits, make sure you subscribe to their website. 

How do I cancel my subscription?

If you wish to skip the week or cancel your subscription,  just give Diet To Go a phone call and let them know your cancellation request. The team will respond swiftly without any additional questions. 

Diet To Go Reviews – The Verdict

To wrap things up with my Diet To Go review, I’d say a few things caught me by surprise, and I would order again just to get the thrill.

But far from the excitement, Diet To Go is a reputable meal delivery service and a weight loss alternative I’d recommend to anyone willing to try them out.

The tastes and flavors are amazing but not as rich as other companies like Sun Basket or even Fresh n’ Lean. It is still the best pre-prepared meal service that’s ready to cook and gives all the nutritional needs for a healthy weight loss program. 

They are certified and inspected by America’s most recognized food agencies, so no fishy deals with them. I’d recommend  Diet To Go to one of my healthy-conscious friends! 

Click Here To See The Diet-To-Go Meal Plans!

If you have anything to add to my Diet To Go reviews just leave it in the comments below.

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