Chicago Steak Company Reviews

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Chicago steak company reviews

Finding the utterly delicious online steaks can be tricky and a challenge itself. With the increasing meat service, to delight the customers with special treats, different online steaks chains deliver perfect and premium quality steaks at your doorstep.

Chicago Steak Company has already made its way to deliver its customers’ best gourmet experience, ensuring consistency of quality and price. You can go through Chicago Steak Company reviews to know how it stands out from most competitors in the market.

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What is the Chicago steak company?

Chicago Steak Company is an online steak chain delivering its premium quality beef in the Union Stock Yards of Chicago. Ordering meat online can go into vain if the meat is not fresh and tasty. Consistency is an excellent concern for the consumers as it is challenging to find the same quality for the long term.

Chicago steak company reviews show that it has made its place in the market, ensuring years of consistency in its quality. They provide the finest quality steaks from renowned farms in the Midwest that provide the steaks’ finest meat quality. This company has won so many times because of the quality and consistency of the meat.

All I can say about Chicago Steak Company is that it has not built its reputation overnight. It has been serving the consumers with premium quality meats ensuring freshness and taste for many years.

They have been delivering services to the top-class steakhouses to five-star hotel chains and have also been a promising and trustworthy online delivery chain for the regular customer market, which shows how they stand out for a reason. And that is maintaining the consistency of their products at a reasonable price according to the quality of the meat they offer.

Maybe a video can explain it better than I can. Here is a video from the Chicago Steak Company.

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Menu options:

Chicago steak company offers a wide range of varieties on their menu to satisfy customers with different preferences and choices. They provide both wet and dry-aged steak cut options for the consumers.

They are famous for their USDA prime steaks with many more options like sirloin, ribeye, etc. They are exceptional in the quality of the beef, and the way of their cutting, and processing the meat to deliver the steak with all the flavors and taste says a lot about their dedication.

This steak company has specialized its menu with their finest-grade selection; their menu is enriched with fine USDA Choice and USDA Prime steaks. They offer top-class quality steaks from the best two percent American beef available.

Along with the finest quality meats, Chicago Steak Company offers a wide range of versatile menu options that any customer can avail of. Even if you can’t afford to help with the top-notch premium quality steaks, you can choose from the bit lower ones according to your budget always. But the quality of the meat, its flavor, and its processing will still be excellent. They ensure the most satisfactory processing, flavoring, and quality in every single piece of meat they sell, which is why this online steak chain is not only for a bunch of rich-class people.

Along with steaks, you can get meats, steak burgers, fish, seafood, and dessert as well. For better convenience, they offer different categories for you to choose your desired item.

For example, you get options in filet mignon, tomahawk ribeye, boneless strip steaks, from different quality of meat including Premium Angus beef, wet-aged meat, dry-aged meat, American Wagyu beef, etc.

You can also get multiple options in their Steak-burgers and other items like pork, chicken, ribs, etc.

You can also get recipes, and reviews of the items on their website to choose better. They have an outstanding array of fish and seafood options along with their renowned meat items. Their Surf & Turf package has been a great relief when you have both fish and meat liking guests. You can get the top-notch juicy lobster tails and finest quality cuts like New York strips and fillet mignon.

In fish items, you can also get lobster tails, scallops, salmon, bigger shrimp, Alaskan king crab legs, fresh swordfish, and so many more to delight yourself with a perfect seafood platter.

To delight yourself with an incredible finishing, you can order desserts from their Decadent Desserts section. This section usually consists of different kinds of cheesecakes like strawberry or blueberry swirl or turtle cheesecake, New York cheesecake, and chocolate cake and red velvet cakes.

To make different occasions a bit more special or treat someone with variations of taste, you can get gift baskets from Chicago Steak Company in multiple shapes and sizes. These gift baskets offer you a variety of options like a gourmet gift basket, thank you basket, therapy basket, tropical spa, a country breakfast basket, and so many more options to delight the gourmet lovers with the finest quality and taste.

As I already have said that you don’t need to subscribe or fill out forms to order steaks from here. But it has a great reward program system. In this system, you can earn points and exchange them for gift cards by creating an account, posting reviews, referring to friends, etc. You can avail of discounts while purchasing the company’s products using these gift cards and your points. You will surprise your mates as a meat lover by sending gift cards and subscriptions to make the most of their exclusive presents.

You can choose between the Premium Angus Beef clubs and Five Star Reserve Steaks clubs. But the items you get in the deliveries are unanimous. Your selection of the club determines what kinds of delivery you will get in gifts or discounts. And they always include their company’s signature steak seasoning in the first delivery as a gift.

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Chicago Steak Company Meat Quality:

One thing that has made the Chicago Steak Company stand out from other top-rated meat delivery services is its consistent quality. Its mission is to deliver meats to customer satisfaction maintaining all the flavors and freshness. No matter what steak you chose, they provide high-quality meat with precise cuts.

Unlike other delivery services, Chicago Steak Company uses old techniques to process their steaks and cuts to deliver the customers with full flavor. They properly raise, trim, and age all of their steaks for you to enjoy the best quality and flavor of the meat with little seasonings when you taste.

With every bite of the steak, you will know why spending the money is worth every penny. You get the finest beef of America raised in the most satisfactory growing condition. In this way, you get quality meat full of flavors, tenderness, and marbling in your steak.


Most the online steak services provide USDA cuts only for their high and premium quality steaks; the Chicago steak company offers premium cuts and slices for all kinds of steaks. Hand cuts are so rare nowadays during newly upgraded machine cuts. Chicago steaks are all hand-selected and come with refined hand cuts.

Aged Steaks

They age the steaks with extreme care and properly controlled conditions to deliver the steaks with full flavors. The tenderness and marbling of the steaks are perfect that making it so flavorful while tasting the finest beef steaks you can delight yourself with. You can get the steaks in wet-aged or dry-aged conditions according to your preference. These steaks are usually aged for four to six weeks to get maximum flavor out of the meat enriching it with robust flavors.

With every piece of meat they deliver, they make sure their customers can taste the complexity of the flavors, the delightful quality, and the flavor of the bed. It provides the best steaks for years after years by following their unique traditional ways that other delivery services can’t offer. For example, in most places, Ribeye’s comes with a giant chunk of fat that divides your steak in two. But if you try the premium Ribeye of the Chicago steaks, you will be able to taste all steak without any significant chunk of fat.

As I already have mentioned, Chicago Steak house is renowned for delivering steaks not only to doorsteps. In high-end restaurants, top-class chefs also rely on the premium quality of their beef steaks and other meat options. And we all know how it is essential for chefs and restaurants to maintain their meat quality. And they blindly put their trust in the steaks of the Chicago Steak Company.

So you can entirely rely on the quality and taste of the steaks of the Chicago Steak Company and have them delivered to enjoy anytime you want. You don’t even need too many seasonings and long hours of cooking at all. With little salt and pepper and tossing the meat on the hot grill will delight you with the steaks’ premium quality at home.

Chicago steak company focuses on upgrading the quality of the meat and steaks on a continuous basis. They don’t follow any specific beef grade to promote their services and make it a marketing tool. But once you try one of their steaks, you will know what the hype is all about.

They leave no stone unturned to deliver the best of the best quality of the steaks to your doorstep with full flavors and tenderness, butterines of the meat.

I found a video again that tells the whole story I try to tell in this Chicago Steak Company reviews.

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There is no question about the quality of the steaks and meat quality at all in terms of cutting, flavoring, packaging, etc. But many people often complain about the prices of their steaks. They usually are expensive compared to the steaks you buy at your local grocery store.

Here is an answer to the question how much are Chicago Steaks?

Its prices begin from $40 to over $400. The price defers in terms of consistency and quantities. A 5oz, for example. Mignon filet premium Angus beef costs between $25 and 10oz. The price of USDA Prime filet mignon is $69. Their Five Star Reserve Steaks club allow subscription for six months and twelve months costing $999.95 and 1799.95 consecutively. For the Premium Angus beef club subscriptions, you will have to pay $849.95 for a six-month subscription service and $1599.95 for a twelve-month subscription.

Going to a fine dining restaurant will cost you a lot for a good steak. But you can get the same premium quality of the steaks at your doorstep from the Chicago Steak company. Though the items are expensive, many times they offer a massive discount on different steaks like 30

 You can get discounts like 30%-50%-80%. When you can get premium-quality steak at half of the price of average steaks online, you can avail yourself of the fine tasting of the premium beef at your home quickly.


If you subscribe to different clubs, subscriptions, usually the shipping cost is free and or discounted to some level. But for a single purchase, you will have to pay the shipping charge. They also avail different promo codes to get discounted offers on shipping charges. The steaks’ shipping cost depends mostly on the value of the order, the method of shipping, the location, etc. The average shipping cost range is between $19.99 to $59.99.

How is the meat shipped?

You already have known reading the above that their main focus is delivering the customers the best of best quality meat. To keep the freshness and flavors intact, giving you the same tenderness, and chewiness of the beef comes in vacuum-sealed packaging. The packaging varies according to the meat specification.

For example, steak cuts are packed inside boxes and then kept in a pack filled with dry ice.

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Chicago Steak Company Reviews – Conclusion:

If you want to enjoy quality steaks at home or delight your guests with premium steaks, choosing the supplies of Chicago Steak Company won’t disappoint you. They have 24/7 customer service that clears any customer queries, receives complaints, and corrects any mistakes from their sides, canceling orders as well. This is, in my opinion, one of the best online steaks that you can order although the prices are a little high I believe that you pay for quality.

Though some Chicago Steak Company reviews highlight the expensive costing of a single piece of meat, if you consider the quality of the steaks and their taste, all I can almost assure you is that it’s worth every penny.

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