Urthbox Subscription Reviews

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UrthBox Reviews

When I started in the UrthBox reviews I found out that this healthy snack and beverages subscription box has been around for many years. I have found mentions from 2014.

This makes me wonder why I have never heard of them. I love a healthy snack and am always on the lookout to find new products for the readers here to add to the best snack delivery service page.

What is the UrthBox?

As I mentioned above the UrthBox is a monthly subscription box that is filled with snacks and beverages that are are basically Non-GMO, Natural, Organic. There are also choices for gluten-free and other diet options.

You can subscribe to 1 of the 4 box sizes and after that select your preferred content like classic, gluten-free, vegan, or a diet option.

After that you will receive your box delivered to your doorsteps.

The UrthBox can be ordered online but will only ship to the US and Canada.

What is in your UrthBox?

It will take a whole website page to tell about all the things that come into the UrthBox. So I just copied a picture from the UrthBox website to show you all the options there are.

UrthBox product examples

What is in your box depends also on the size box your ordered. You can have a look at their boxes here.

UrthBox Sizes and Prices

Just a reminder! The prices are at the time of me writing this and might have changed. For the current prices, you can Click Here!

Mini7+ Snacks$14.99 
Small14+ Snacks$24.99Save 20%
Medium20+ Snacks$34.99Save 30%
Large27+ Snacks$44.99Save 40%

UrthBox as a gift and get a free box

You can give the UrthBox as a gift to someone for 3, 6 or 12 months and you will receive your own free box. You can pick the gift box in the sizes small, medium and large.

Ordering UrthBox

Ordering your UrthBox subscription box is pretty straightforward. Just go their website and pick your box and the length of your subscription.

All boxes ordered before the end of the month will be shipped the middle of the next month. Yes, you have to wait a little before you get your snacks but believe me it is worth waiting for.

UrthBox Shipping

As far as shipping goes it is very simple. Shipping in the USA is free. If you live in Canada there is a $6.95 fee for shipping.

One warning about the auto-renewal. All subscriptions will auto-renew on the first of every month. If you like to cancel make sure you do it on time sending them an email at support@urhtbox.com or you will receive an other month of snacks.

UrthBox Reviews – My Opinion

I have to be honest and mention that I was kind of hard to form an opinion about the UrthBox. On a lot of sites I read that people love it and are very happy with it.

On other sites I read that people are disappointed with the content and had a hard time canceling. This was one of the most heard complaints I found and that is why I added the warning about that above this part of the UrthBox Reviews.

I understand that it is impossible to have a hundred percent happy customer rating. The content has so much variety that you can not please everyone.

So, I think it is wise to pay attention to the date if you are thinking about canceling this snack box.

The UrthBox customer service also gets some mixed ratings. From extremely happy customer to others that are totally unhappy and will never order again because of this reason.

My overall opinion is that the UrthBox is a very nice snack box with a lot of nice and great tasting snacks even-though it is not to everyone his taste of course.

Sometimes delivery takes a little longer than advertised on their website and I understand that things like that can be annoying. Canceling seems to be a little bigger problem.

Have fun and enjoy your UrthBox and all the healthy snacks that come in it. Feel free to leave your opinion in the comments.

Curious? Have a look at the UrthBox by Clicking Here!

Peter Jameson.

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