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freshly reviews

These days, time is a precious commodity no one wants to waste. We become so caught up in daily activities that we forget the simplest things, such as preparing a healthy meal. With the internet catching up and food delivery apps sprouting, it is tempting to have unhealthy fast foods brought to your doorstep. So what do you do?

Well, you could sit tight and watch how I unravel one healthy meal plan that’s been doing rounds all over America. Freshly thrives in providing healthy meal plans with fresh ingredients and prompt delivery services. In these Freshly reviews, I’ll look at every corner of the service, including how they work, where they deliver, the food menu, and more. Here are my comprehensive Freshly reviews.

What Is Freshly

In my Freshly meal delivery review, I found that it basically is a one-portion meal delivery service with meals coming in every week. You can select from a variety of healthy options, which will be for the week. Deliveries are made the same day every week with the possibility of canceling or postponing the subscription. Freshly delivers pre-made food and all you have to do is place it in the microwave for a few minutes- no dirty dishes, no cooking fails, just a single portion, and you are done!

freshly philosophy

I’m impressed in my reviews of Freshly by the single-portion serving. Most food delivery companies have meal plans for two, three, or more, which might be a bit of waste if one of your family members doesn’t turn up for dinner. Each meal at Freshly is served to fit one person, and if you are two, the other person can choose what kind of meal they want. It is a sustainable way of delivering food and ensures there is no waste.

My Freshly food review shows it leans towards healthy foods that still have a rich and delicious appeal. Plus, every meal served is certified by the Gluten Tolerance Group as gluten-free, while the company can arrange other dietary concerns such as soy-free, dairy-free, or nut-free.

You may not find many vegetarian options, but plenty of meal plans are low-carb, high-protein dishes with many veggies. Standard dietary plans at Freshly include Carb Conscious, Protein powerhouses, Sodium Smart, and Curb Calories.

Update: Freshly offers now a Purley Plant-Based option

freshly plant-based menu

How Does Freshly Work

Freshly is a subscription service, and you have to register for an account to enjoy its benefits. Luckily, the signup process is easy, and all you need to do first is enter your ZIP code, provide a method of delivery, select meal plans, and add payment details.

When choosing your weekly plan, select the foods you want and the number of meals per week you prefer. Freshly has options of four, six, nine, and twelve meals per week.

freshly meal delivery frequent options

The number of meals you decide is entirely up to you. Just know that the fewer meals per week, the higher the price per dish. For instance, a four-meal plan would have an average of $11.50 per meal, while a twelve-meal plan costs $7.99 per meal.

After selecting the plan is when you can now enter payment details and choose the day of delivery. Freshly is one of the few meal delivery companies that had Sunday as an option.

Freshly Menu

So, unlike most meal plans which I’ve done, Freshly has some pretty excellent selection features. If you take a look at some of my meal delivery reviews and head over to the meal menu section, you/ll find a stunning list of diets offered and meals around that specific diet. What Freshly does is a slight twist of the ordinary.

  • Purely plant-based
  • Signature collection
  • Freshly Fit
  • Proteins and sides

First, the offered meal plans are not essentially arranged to dietary preferences but rather the food experience. The four available plans have exciting names; Crafted Classics, Takeout twists, Signature Collection, and FreshlyFit.

On to the selection part, and things get even better! You’ll notice that the Freshly plans don’t bring the variety in food selection and you may think it’s a boring meal plan. Well, no! Freshly has an invigorating filter feature that you can use to select meals according to calories, total fat, sodium, carbs, total sugar, and protein. If that’s not enough, you can filter according to dishes like turkey, shellfish, pork, dairy, eggs, soy, chicken, beef, etc.

It is a super impressive feature that lets you take total control of what you eat with no shortcuts. Plus, you will see more nutritional information at the bottom and a decent meal description on every food display. If you think Freshly doesn’t have variety, then you should know that in every week’s plan, you’ll have over 30 dishes to choose from. It sounds like a reasonable amount, doesn’t it?

While dietitians need to choose what to eat every week, I noticed a hack for a specific types of dietary needs type. Freshly meal has a FreshlyFit plan which is generally for low-carb meals. If you’re on a keto diet, the FreshlyFit meals are what you should be looking for. It has a higher protein percentage and, at the same time, tones down carb levels. I’d start with the Keto-Friendly Chicken Bowl with Super Greens Pesto & Cauli Rice as a starter for someone on a keto diet. It is rich. This meal is super fresh and is packed with up to 30g of protein.

I also noticed the FreshlyFit meals had a richer flavor than most microwave meals. It packs an average of 500 calories and should last for a while before being digested. The only not-so-good thing about FreshlyFit is that it’s limited in variety and a few weekly subs; you’ll be right back at your first meal.

Freshly Unboxing

I can write thousands of words more but I found several Freshly reviews on Youtube and here is one that I think gives a good overview of unboxing and testing the Freshly meals.

Freshly Prices

As a conscious shopper and someone who reviews food delivery services regularly, Freshly has an exciting price comparison.

How interesting?

Well, it is definitely on the higher end of things. By just looking at a four-meal plan, I’d be spending $11.50 per meal. At the same price, you can get a classic SunBasket menu for two people. However, if you go up the number of dishes, the cost becomes par with most meal delivery plans such as Home Chef and Fresh N’ Lean.

In a nutshell,  Freshly prices are as follows:

Meals Per WeekPrice

Payments are made every week before shipping the meals. You can also change the number of meals to be received or skip a weekly delivery if you are out of town or feel like preparing your meals. Head to the “deliveries” section, see what’s coming in the next week, and choose skip. However, Freshly only allows you to skip one week in advance.

Freshly Delivery and Costs

Deliveries are made on your day of choice, and you can choose anywhere from  Monday to Sunday. Freshly further tells you which days are most popular at the delivery option so that you can decide when to get your deliveries faster. Of course, popular days (Sundays, the last time I checked) are busy, and you might receive your delivery late at night.

On to the delivery costs.

Freshly has a varied delivery cost for each weekly plan. Honestly, it is not the best price, and it makes the actual cost of buying a meal at Freshly something to think about. The shipping fee at Freshly varies from $3.99 to $12.11 for the 3-meal and 12-meal delivery, respectively.

Freshly Corporate Citizenship & Sustainability Policy 

Recently I decided to check if the meal delivery services give back to the community. As much as I’m reviewing food delivery, we should be aware of the food security problem in the United States. That said, I was thrilled to find out that Freshly meal delivery service has a recent partnership with Meals on Wheels America and Nestle to help senior citizens during these trying times of the coronavirus pandemic. These contributions have helped many senior citizens, and it is quite a noble gesture.

Far from helping citizens, Freshly is also an environmentally conscious company. Each package that comes from the meal delivery company is recyclable, non-toxic, biodegradable, and reusable. The materials used include cardboard boxes,  and meals are brought in ice packs which are frozen. To give you a gist of just how sustainable Freshly is, here is a breakdown of everything that comes with it:

  • The whole cardboard, including the shelves, can be recycled or reused to store other things.
  • Its insulation denim pack is 85% biodegradable, and you can comfortably throw it away without worry of pollution.
  • The ice packs can always be used repeatedly, or if you like, the trash bag can work as a carry bag.

Who Is Freshly Best Suited For?

People who take quick meals

From unpacking one of Freshly’s meals to putting it in the microwave, the whole preparation time should take nothing less than six minutes per meal. I find Freshly a convenient meal service, especially when working from home and during days, you just can’t even answer calls. It’s easier to grab a meal from the freezer and prep your dish in a few minutes. Even if it is a quick lunch or on nights when you don’t feel like cooking, Freshly meals make things easier.

People who live for convenience

Freshly and other meal delivery services all have one thing in common- convenience. Freshly brings comfort by delivering food to your doorstep. Plus, the food is premade so, it is convenient if you don’t mind keeping food in the fridge for a while.

Couples and Individuals

While I use Freshly for my cat and myself, it is ideally not the best solution for families. The meal comes in only one serving per person. Plus, the maximum Freshly can send in one week is 12 meals, which is about two servings per meal.

Who Is Freshly Not Good For?

People who get bored quickly and are creative

Despite Freshly having a good selection of meals, the meals at Freshly might not be enough for creatives or someone who truly loves food choices. That said, Freshly might get a little boring for such people who can only work for a couple of weeks.


Freshly meals, but unfortunately, they are not the best option for families. Freshly meals have a maximum of 12 dishes per week, and for a family of four, that’s just three nights of meals. To cater for a family of four using Freshly will cost you higher than expected. The same 12 meals per week can cater to couples perfectly, but it’s not enough for a complete family, even with three members. Other options like Diet To Go, and Cratejoy may be great alternatives for large groups and families.

Freshly Promo Code

You can get lucky enough at Freshly and enjoy discounts. When you visit the official website, you will notice a “get $40” tab on top. This is a special offer where Freshly will give you $40 for every $40 spent by any customer who joined through your link. There are other lots of freshly bonus codes spread across online malls, stores, etc. Just make sure during your weekly purchase to enter the Freshly promo code before checking out. The site will tell you how much discount you’ll be getting once it confirms the promo code.

Pros And Cons


  • Doorstep delivery
  • Easy to use website
  • Subscription cancellation is easy
  • Quick meals


  • Not so cheap
  • Not great for families
  • No dietary based meal plans 

Freshly Reviews – Summary

Winding up my Freshly food delivery reviews, it is safe to say the meal service is worth trying. The minor drawbacks are something you can live with, but its range of meals and variety is impeccable. It has a robust meal filtering system that would awe health-conscious eaters.

Freshly is an excellent choice for busy people who don’t have enough time to prep or clean dishes after cooking. If you don’t mind keeping food frozen for a few days, consider Freshly a go-to option. Otherwise, the meals are tasty as five-star meals, and you will love every bite of most of the Freshly selection.

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