Sun Basket Prepared Meals Reviews

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Sun Basket reviews

While I was writing the Sun Basket reviews I realized again that meal planning has never been my strong point, and I believe there are a couple of “us” out there. But I do love cooking, and when I get time, I’ll prepare a fresh 2-hour meal without any difficulties.

Meal delivery services come off as handy trade-offs as they minimize preparation time, shopping, transport, and even cooking periods. The companies are several, and I strive to give honest meal delivery service reviews for those who prefer convenience and diversity. 

In this piece, I’ll look at Sun Basket and how it separates itself from the rest of the market, not to forget if it’s worth it. Stay in the loop if you wish to find out in this Sun Basket review if they are a hit or miss. 

What Is Sun Basket?

As mentioned earlier, meal delivery services offer a whole lot of convenience. Sun Basket is a healthy meal delivery company that offers simple-to-make recipes and organic ingredients straight to your doorstep.

They have a diverse range of cuisines curated by their in-house award-winning Chef, Justin Kelly. Serving a wide variety of organic feeds, you’ll find tons of international delicacies like mu shu pork, curry vegetables, etc. They even back their foods with an “unreal taste” tag! I hope that’s true *my fingers crossed* 

How Sun Basket Works

Sun Basket has a relatively simple-to-use website. If you want to place an order at the site, select the menu and your food preference and add it to the cart. Make sure you choose a meal plan that’s convenient for you; some meals won’t be an easy 5 minutes at the microwave. Make sure you can determine if your choice is paleo, vegan, allergen-free, and such. Finally, once you’re set, make payments and wait for your delivery. 

The company delivers every week, and you can decide to have the same meal preference for the week or change your combinations after each delivery. It is all up to you! The recipes will come fresh and simple to prepare if you love cooking.

Unlike most meal delivery services, Sun Basket doesn’t have many options for ready-to-eat meals or pre-prepared dishes. You might want to use extra cutlery while prepping meals from the site. For instance, I had to chop my apricots for a dish I thought I’d preheat and snack on. More sophisticated curries would need even more utensils and extra ingredients such as salt, butter, or oil. But if you treasure the cooking process, this shouldn’t be a big deal. 

Sun Basket Menu

Now to the exciting part. The menu! 

Sun Basket has pulled off a couple of meal options for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. When you sign up on the homepage, you must make a few choices about the kind of meal you want. Luckily, Sun Basket has done all the legwork and provided these options into different categories that touch base with every healthy eater.

  • Chef’s Choice 
  • Gluten-free 
  • Mediterranean 
  • No-Prep 
  • Paleo 
  • Vegetarian 
  • Lean & Clean 

Once you choose these categories, one would think the next step is to choose foods exclusive to that particular type. For instance, if I go with Paleo, I would expect everything offered after to be Paleo. Well, Sun Basket came short on this one. T

heir menus remain juggled up even after specifying the food style. The only solution to this is to pay attention to the small tags at the bottom of each meal recipe. That’s where you’ll see if your food is vegan, paleo, etc. 

Apart from the small overlaps, Sun Basket is really into exotic cuisines. They offer so many international dishes that the site guarantees an “unreal taste.” Pretty bold. The idea is to open you up to the world’s different cultures without spending thousands on air tickets. Some of the highlights of their menu included: 

  • That Chicken Lettuce Cups
  • Okonomiyaki savory pancakes with smoky flaked sole 
  • Korean rice bowls with a sticky sweet rice and barbeque chicken skewers 
  • Mo Shu Pork and Salmon Burgers 
  • Tzatziki-Topped Turkey and Shrimp Risotto with Lemon

How Much Does Sun Basket Cost

Sun Basket also has a variety of options when it comes to meal pricing. Generally, there are two basic categories which all have different aspects in terms of how many people you can serve, price, etc. Here’s what the company’s pricing structure looks like: 

Classic Menu Family Plan
Price per serving per 2 people$11.99N/A
Price per serving per 4 people$11.99$10.99
Number of recipes per week 32,3, or 4
Number of recipes you can choose from /week185

At a glance, you can notice that the Classic Plan gives you more access to meal options and allows up to 18 recipes. The Family Plan drops down to only five meal options, but it is still a decent number if you choose weekly plans.

Taking a closer look at Sun Basket’s pricing reveals it is a bit more expensive than a regular home-cooked meal. They are still cheaper than stakeouts, but considering a four-meal family plan is close to $50, a meal doesn’t count as cheap.

Perhaps the slightly high margins are attributed to the fact that Sun Basket backs 99% of its meals as USDA-certified organic. But you can also check out Sun Basket promo codes if you wish to get a discount on your next purchase. 

What Is So Unique About Sun Basket When Compared To Other Meal Services?

Sun Basket’s meal delivery services have proven to be unique in many ways: 

  • The company is a certified organic handler and ensures all its outsourced produce is organic. 
  • They exclusively choose wild-caught seafood, which is considered the best way to consume seafood by numerous food programs. 
  • Each delivery box comes with an extra cookbook of that week’s recipes. Something you can keep for later use 
  • Sun Basket uses reusable and recyclable packaging, and most meal delivery services are now following suit.
  • There’s a healthy snacks option too.

Unboxing Sun Basket

all that reading is nice but seeing how a real box look gives more information than all the writing I do here probably.

Sun Basket’s Customer Information and Support 

I have found meal delivery services to have a rather unreliable customer support system so I had to add this section (and in future reviews too). I understand the tricky nature of whole foods and deliveries, especially during delays or damaged packaging.

Sun Basket has scanty options for the customer support system. For complaints about deliveries or meal preferences, you’ll have to call their support number, 855-204-7597, or fill out an online form (we know how long these take for a response). The support center is open Monday -Friday from 5 am to 9 pm, and Saturdays from 11 am to 7 pm (PT). 

While the customer support system is not available 24/7, you can take advantage of their FAQ section and check if your problem is something Sun Basket is aware of. Additionally, Sun Basket has a blog section titled “The Sun-Times.” Here, you can check for regular posts and information on updating your profile, using recipes, and more.

The only annoying thing here is that you’ll probably have to call them for canceling subscriptions. The representative won’t pressure you, but canceling subscriptions online is much more comfortable.

Who is Sun Basket For? 

Sun Basket is the way to go if you are: 

  • In a family looking for healthier takeout options. Sun Basket has some fantastic plans that cater to all your nutrition needs. 
  • Persons with specific dietary needs. Diet is never easy, and sticking to one for a long period is even harder. Sun Basket has curated diet meal plans that you can use to play your whole week in one go. 
  • Environmental-conscious people. If you care about the environment and would like a clean and reliable meal kit service, you might want to use Sun Basket. All ingredients are organically sourced and as clean as they can get. 

Who It’s Not For?

On the other side, Sun Basket may not be for you if: 

  • You’re on a tight budget 
  • You don’t have enough time to cook
  • You’re not the curious, zesty eater

Sun Basket Packaging And Delivery

I dread weekly packages because if they delay a bit, your whole week of planning is ruined. But I was glad Sun Basket didn’t have me ranting. They have a fast meal delivery system, and I was able to get my meal on time. Everything was also as cold as expected.

When you first receive the box, you quickly notice a well-crafted insulation system. I noticed Sun Box didn’t have a free shipping policy on any of their meals, and you have to pay an extra $7.99 for all orders. 

Rather than having a typical carton box, there is an extra insulation material that you can reuse for whatever DIY projects you have.

The ice bags come in thick plastic bags that are filled with a frozen gel containing 98% water and 2% non-GMO cotton. The cotton is so organic that Sun Basket guarantees its safety usage after that in various applications.  You’ll notice most meal kits recommend dumping the gels once you are done. 

Each meal kit arrived labeled in paper bags with ingredients further placed in plastic containers. Though they sound bulky, at least Sun Basket packages every meal or ingredient in your plan. No carrots or spinach are left unwrapped. Everything comes ready for storage and is easily accessible due to labeling. 

Sun Basket Pros And Cons 


  • Recipes from a certified, award-winning chef. Sun Basket has an edge in terms of flavor and variety. The tastes are welcoming.
  • Purely organic produce. If you prefer clean food, probably recommended by Good Alternative or Best Choice, look no further. Sun Basket utilizes 100% organic, hormone-free, antibiotic meat, and dairy products.
  • Extensive plans for people with special diets. Conveniently, you can choose meals according to your specific dietary plan. 
  • Information-packed kits. All meals come with nutrition information and cooking instructions. You can always check which meals are easier to prepare or fit your caloric needs. 
  • Great on sustainability. Sun Basket uses materials that are recyclable and reusable. Fish are caught in low-impact methods, and they ensure farmers use sustainable farming methods such as crop rotation. They have gone miles ahead to make sure everything about the company speaks to sustainability. 


  • Doesn’t ship in all states. Sun Basket leaves out a few states when it comes to shipping. You won’t receive meal kits if you live within parts of New Mexico, Arkansas, Montana, and Hawaii. 
  • Pricey than competitors. Sun Basket is a little bit more expensive than its competitors. The fact that they are all out organic and keen on sustainability, I’d expect an added cost. 
  • Family plan meals are limited. Though accommodative, the family plan choice is limited to a couple of meals per week. Basically, if your family doesn’t like three or more meals, you’re in trouble. 

Sun Basket Reviews – My Opinion

So, after this intensive outlook, I bet you’re wondering if the meal delivery service is worth the hype. Well, my best answer would be it depends on what you’re aiming to get out of it. 

Generally, Sun Basket has pushed the boundaries to get the “unreal taste” they are currently offering. Meals like Sole and faro with fennel, oranges, and olives have rich textures and an outstanding sweet and savory balance.

There was a little disappointment in the pre-oven varieties. They didn’t have the kind of kick I was expecting. Sun Basket gives a superior range when choosing your meals, and you can prepare international cuisine without stepping into a fancy grocery store. 

If you’re looking for restaurant-quality food, you’re in the right place. But if you’re on a tight budget, Sun Basket might not be the one for you. A $12 Mediterranean lemon chicken sounds a little more costly than the average $4.99 in many meal delivery services I reviewed. That includes the mandatory $7.99 delivery fee. 

Are you interested and like to read more? Click here to go to their website and see if the Sun Basket is for you to help you lose weight and eat healthy meals.

Of course, they have organic food and non-GMO products, a big plus for health-conscious folks. It is not the cheapest plan out there, but it’s easy to use and manage orders. So, for me, Sun Basket is worth it, and it definitely cuts the weekly shopping trips along with a wide variety of meals.  

Peter Jameson

Peter Jameson is passionate about eating healthy food. While he is doing his research for this he will share that with the readers here. As an experienced home cook, he knows what to look for in the food delivery services he reviews. Read more here

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Peter Jameson

Peter Jameson is passionate about eating healthy food. While he is doing his search for this, he will share that with the Couch Potato Delivery's readers. As an experienced home cook, he knows what to look for in the food delivery services he reviews. You can find more about him here.