About Us

Actually this page should be called about me because I am the only person writing here for now.

Let me introduce myself first. My name is Peter Jameson. I love to eat good food but most of the time I am to busy to take the time to cook a home-cooked meal.

Peter Jameson

Food delivery services have saved me many times from eating fast-food or junk food.

Since I have used many of them I thought it was time to share my experience with the world on the internet.

Maybe it can help you decide on the type of delivery service can help you make your life easier and still eat healthy.

The delivery services I looked at did not stop at complete meals. I started looking at meat and even snacks.

Many of these service require some cooking skills. Although I have a lot of experience cooking I also include how hard it is to cook the meals that you get delivered to your house.

I hope you enjoy my writing. If you like to contact me feel free to do that through the contact page.

Peter Jameson.