Universal Yums Box Review – Is It Worth The Money?

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Universal Yums Reviews

There’s something about grabbing something to eat now and then that’s different from food. Yes, snacks always hit differently every time. That is why I did these Universal Yums reviews.

Interestingly, having the same snack over and over again can easily get boring. So, what’s the solution? I had a deep dive into snack vendors, and browsing through all of them isn’t a walk in the park either. In my little curiosity adventure, I found Universal Yums Box and immediately knew the fun would never stop. 

While I may have my personal opinions about this box, I went all out to get everything that will help you determine if it’s worth it. In this Universal Yums review, I will look at the good and not-so-good of this snack delivery service in detail. 

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What is Universal Yums? 

Generally speaking, Universal Yums is a snack box. It is not too different from other snack boxes but has something unique to offer. Founded in 2014, the snack box is curated with the idea of bringing snacks to your doorstep each month.

The major difference that I found in my reviews for Universal Yums is that each month, you receive a themed snack box from a specific country. The theme also comes with fun facts about the featured nation, trivia, games, and detailed information on each snack.  

Universal Yum’s cultural attention is a great idea as it helps people learn about countries that are miles away. The treats come in different tastes from savory to sweets, and subscribers can choose from two boxes. 

What’s Inside a Universal Yums Box?

The contents in a Universal Yums box are extremely variable, and that makes the snack box company pretty cool. Inside the box, there will be a mix of sweets, savory bites, and salty crackers. You may find a few non-favorites in the mix I found in the reviews of universal yums, but you’ll always be assured of something different the next month.

I know when snacks come from overseas, there’s always the question, “Is Universal Yums safe?” Short answer, yes! They are totally safe to consume. Just remember to check the nutritional content if you are allergic. 

Since every purchase will be tailored to specific countries, you can be assured to get a taste that fits the nation’s inhabitants’ profile. If they are sweets lovers, then that’s exactly what you’ll get! Also, the boxes will come with a trivia packet.

The addition is witty and leaves a permanent mark for each country you get to “taste.” The trivia will help you understand the origin of each snack and how it became popular. It is not something you may need, but it’s a great addition to trivia fans. 

Universal Yums Subscription and Cost

If you want to get started my review of Universal Yums can help you. All you need to do is choose a box that suits you. Currently, the site has three boxes on offer and I also mention the Universal Yums cost at the time of my writing.

  • Yum Box 
  • Yum Yum Box
  • Super Yum Box

So, let’s have a quick review of what each box looks like including the costs. 

Yum Box

The Yum Box is your starter pack and has six hand-picked local snacks. It comes with 12-page trivia and games specific to the month’s theme. You can ship this box for free if you live in the USA. If you decide to pay annually, you’ll be billed $13.75 per month, but if you want to pay monthly, it will charge you $15 per box. 

Yum Yum Box

The next snack box offers more snacks, and every pack comes with 12 snacks. The package includes a 16-page booklet containing games and trivia for the theme country. Also, you get to receive bonus content such as trivia, recipes, and so much more. in the Yum Yum box reviews, I found again that shipping is free within the USA only. This plan costs $22.92 if you wish to pay annually and $25 if you pay every month. 

Super Yum Box

Finally, the last box could be called the supper yum yum box review. It comes with 20 snacks and a 16-page booklet filled with games and trivia. The bonus content also includes lots of recipes, more trivia, and so much more. The Super Yum Box review shows it is free to ship within the US. If you love this family-friendly pack, you can choose to pay $35.75 per month on an annual basis or $39 if you wish to pay monthly. 

Universal Yums Gift

Although not one of the boxes you can find above that Universal Yums is a perfect place to order a gift box. If you like to go for this option you can choose from every Universal Yums box I described above.

Universal Yums Coupon

Unfortunately, you will not find Universal Yum promo codes for any of the above purchases- bummer!

Some sites offer a small Universal Yums discount when you order through their links and I will try to work out a deal for all the readers here.

Universal Yums Unboxing.

All my typing and your reading are nice, but having a look at someone opening an actual Universal Yums box might help you even better.

Pros and Cons of Universal Yums

Every company I reviewed here has pros and cons and of course, Universal Yums is no exception to that rule. Here are a few of them.

Overall, Universal Yums had a lot to offer and excite the normal snacker. The fact that it introduces new flavors each month makes it thrilling and unpredictable. If you look at the number of products they offer, the pricing is a little bit cheaper.

The customer service was lovely, and I had a tiny issue with my sample, which got solved in a zip!

While I wasn’t entirely impressed with everything at Universal Yums, they had what it takes to be a top snack box service. I was not able to find the universal yums customer service number. All communication was done by email.

Universal Yums is also generous enough to give free shipping on all orders within the United States. The three sizes available for choosing are also an addition I’d highlight to Universal Yum’s highlights. 

The biggest issue I had with Universal Yums is that they don’t give allergic people a chance to choose what they can snack on. It is still a problem across most subscription boxes.

I’m not sure why it is often overlooked. Well, I also noticed the site only gave two-country options on your first order- Columbia and Thailand. I know it’s a tiny little complaint, but I’d appreciate some variety on my first monthly box. 

Universal Yums also does not allow you to go back to previous boxes. If you missed your country’s favorite, then you’d have to consider it gone. The same applies when you want to order a set of snacks that you loved. 

Is Universal Yums Worth it?

If you have curious taste buds and love exploring the world, Universal Yums will be worth it. From the amazing snacks to the monthly themes, there’s something that will excite you.

The Universal Yums reviews show that this snack box service has extended its offer to informative travel guides and trivia, exposing people to the awesome world of snacks. 

Universal Yums Calories

Most of us try to be aware of our calorie intake and Universal Yums helps us with that. All the boxes you receive contain nutrition facts and those are based on the FDA guidelines. No more guessing how many calories are in that so-good-tasting candy you just ate.

FAQ About Universal Yums

I found some questions people have about this snack subscription box and here are the answers I found.

Is Universal Yums an American company?

Yes, Universal Yums is an American company and they are located in Parsippany, New Jersey.

Is Universal Yums Legit?

My simple answer to the question of whether Universal Yums is legit is only one word. YES! I was not able to find many negative reactions to this snack box that is filled with snacks from all over the world.

Is Universal Yums safe?

Yes, Universal Yums is safe. Only one thing can be better and that is to travel to the country itself. They purchase the products directly from the producers. There is no middleman involved. They also have their own food safety team that checks everything according to the FDA guidelines.

Universal Yums shipping time

If you ask the question when Universal Yums ships, or how long it takes to get your Universal Yums box, I have the answer here. The Universal Yums box is shipped on the 15th of every month. So depending on your order date you can get it pretty fast.

Is It Easy to Cancel Universal Yums?

So, here is how to cancel universal yums. You have to make sure to do this on time. There is an easy one-step to cancel your subscription to their service available on their website.

Universal Yums past boxes

The option to have a look at some of the past boxes will even make it easier to decide if you should order a Universal Yums snack box.

Universal Yums Box Reviews – My Opinion

I think that this is a nice option to order snacks that you normally will not be able to find easily. The monthly changing boxes is something to look forward to and the quality is very good.

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