Home Bistro Prepared Meals Delivery Reviews

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home bistro reviews

My Home Bistro reviews showed that New York is never short of meal delivery services and every day I seem to discover a new one. My adventure landed me at one of the biggest meal delivery services in the New York area, Home Bistro. It’s famous for its innovative entrees and extensive delivery coverage in the whole United States. 

While most reviewers try hard to look for a unique factor in these companies, sometimes it’s just a matter of quality.  When the quality is at its best, a meal delivery service doubles its chances of being successful.

“Let’s see… “

Here, we’re going to uncover all the juicy features of Home Bistro and hopefully come to tackle the elephant in the room- Is it worth the hype? 

What’s Home Bistro?

Home Bistro is one of the longest-running meat delivery services with close to 20 years of service under its name. They boast to have restaurant-quality meals with real ingredients as opposed to preservatives used on shelves.

Home Bistro has a wide array of foods and even offers special diets for people with different conditions or needs.  One great thing about Home Bistro is its Mediterranean-inspired meals are prepared by a Certified Executive Chef, one of the highest rankings in the culinary field. 

How Does Home Bistro Work?

As opposed to most meal delivery services, Home Bistro doesn’t commit its customers to paying for a subscription. You have the option to order a la carte meal or “meal combo” packages that will last for long, about two weeks.  Aside from that, Home Bistro has special packages which you can gift to your friends or loved ones. The gift certificates range from $25-$1,000.

While subscriptions at Home Bistro are not a must, you can decide to subscribe to the meal seller and get a 1 to 4-week supply of food. Going in this line of options can save you up to 5% of the normal prices bought individually. 

How to place an order on Home Bistro?

Ordering your specials at the Home Bistro is extremely easy. First off, log in to their official website and create an account. Once you’re in, you can use the account to place an order. The website automatically takes your information and you’ll be using the same account to reorder. 

To make an order, select the types of entree dishes that you want and add them to the cart like in most eCommerce sites. Once you are done, go to your cart and click the checkout button to start processing the delivery. 

Home Bistro plans

While most dishes at home Bistro are Mediterranean-inspired, they are categorized into four plans, each with nutrition information on the packaging. These categories include: 

  • Meal Combos 
  • Individual Meals
  • SUPERbowls 
  • Chef Choice

In these four categories, there are other subcategories that fans of food will love to hear about. The 60+ dishes are eloquently prepared by the top chefs in the New York area.                               

Home Bistro’s meal plan also has dietary preferences and some of the most popular picks I tasted included: 

  • Zesty Tofu Vegetarian Breakfast 
  • Grilled Chicken Breast with Sweet and Spicy Veggies 
  • Hanger Steak with Romesco Sauce
  • Lemon-Caper Picatta Steak with Gratin 

What is better than seeing someone receive, open and cook some of the Home Bistro meals. Here is a video that does all of that.

What is the cost of Home Bistro

Probably the main drawback of this meal delivery service is the cost of food. The lowest you can pay for a meal at Home Bistro is a specialty vegetable plate that goes for $12.99 and the highest price for a single meal is $24.99. This gives the company an average meal pricing of $17. 

Combo meals vary and can go up to $88 for six individual meals or $280 which is a total of 14 meals. SUPERBowls are lunch-sized meals and will cost you about $75 to $130. To save up the cost, you can opt for subscriptions or get Home Bistro coupons for discounts.

This meal-delivery service also has a loyalty program with more discount opportunities available. Basically, every dollar you spend earns you 10 points. The discount looks as follows: 

  • 1,000 points – $10 off
  • 4,000 points – $25 off
  • 5,000 points – 20% off
  • 7,500 points – $50 off
  • 14,000 points – $100 off
  • 30,000 points – $250 off
  • 50,000 points – $500 off

Home Bistro Delivery

As mentioned earlier Home Bistro delivers meals to all states in the U.S region, except for Hawaii and Alaska. They ship orders using FedEx ground delivery straight to your doorstep. Shipping takes 1-3 business days to arrive and the great thing is, once delivered, you don’t have to sign for the delivery. So, if you’re not at home someone can pick up the delivery for you. 

Shipping at Home Bistro comes with a couple of conditions: 

  • Home Bistro doesn’t ship to a P.O. box 
  • Individual orders cannot be sent to two different addresses 
  • Orders above $149.99 are free to ship overnight

Also, all orders shipped at Home Bistro are prepared fresh and then flash frozen for shipping. They come in specially designed boxes with dry ice that help regulate the temperature. If the dry ice comes melted, don’t worry Home Bistro says the food will still be refrigerator-cold and fresh for prep.

Dry Ice is used by about all companies that deliver frozen meals that have to be shipped and is a well-tested method.

Pros & Cons of Home Bistro


  • 60+ menus available 
  • Restaurant-grade food 
  • Headed by Certified Executive Chef 
  • Great customer support staff


  • More expensive than competitors
  • Very few pre-made plans
  • No refund policy 

Summary of the Home Bistro reviews

Home Bistro’s experience and the entire business model show just how much the company is dedicated to providing quality rather than quantity. They have exotic entrees and guarantee you a thrilling experience whenever you order a special. 

This makes them, in my opinion, at the top of best premade meal delivery service lists I made.

Meals at Home Bistro come at a cost. But they are worth it considering the company is headed by a Certified Executive Chef. If you love exploring tastes and wouldn’t mind spending an extra dollar for that, then Home Bistro is for you.

I hope after reading this Home Bistro meal delivery review, you’ll have enough insight to know if it’s worth it or not. (Hint: you should definitely try it!) 

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