Wagyu Beef Tallow All You Ever Wanted To Know

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wagyu A5 tallow in a jar

Wagyu Beef tallow is regular tallow but it comes from Wagyu beef. Here you can find information on what it is, how to use it, its benefits, and where to buy it.

What Is Wagyu Beef Tallow

Tallow has been around for centuries and is rendered fat from cows (1). Rendered means that the fat is cooked down from the cuts of a cow that contain the most wagyu fat.

Mostly those cuts are the ribs, rump roast, and all other cuts of the cow that can be used for this process.

Some websites use the word Suet and Tallow but they are not the same. Suet is hard saturated crumbly fat that comes from the inside of the cow around the kidneys.

Why Choose Wagyu Tallow Over Regular Tallow

My article what is Wagyu beef explains why Wagyu beef is healthier for you and you can read there that some of the health benefits are that it can lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol.

The Wagyu tallow is also known for boosting your ability to absorb many vitamins, such as A, D, and K better.

“Besides that, it also boosts your immune system.”

Wagyu Beef Tallow Uses

Now we found out what Wagyu beef tallow is and its benefits it is time to look at how we can use it.

Our ancestors used tallows for many things and we can do the same and boost the use of lard by using the tallow from Wagyu cows.

Cooking Oils

The Wagyu tallow can be used as a cooking oil in many ways

  • Deep frying
  • Baking
  • Searing
  • Smoking meat

Yes, I have seen people write about rubbing the meat on the smoker with Wagy tallow before wrapping it on the smoker.

Personal Care

It might sound strange but tallow, in general, was used and is still used for personal care and it is used for the following.

  • Skincare
  • Making soap
  • Hair care

These are just a few of the things I found out about the use of tallow. Others were to is it for candle making, gun oil, waterproofing, and making leather softer.

Is Wagyu Beef Tallow Shelf Stable?

If tallow is rendered the proper way it can be kept at room temperature and will last for several months.

If you are planning to store it for a longer time storing it in the refrigerator is a better option.

Where To Buy Wagyu Beef Tallow

Some people ask where can I buy Wagyu tallow and when I started to look for an answer I was surprised by how many stores offer Wagyu tallow. Here are some of the most popular choices.

Wagyu Beef Tallow On Amazon

Just as most people do I looked at Amazon and found a few sellers. I picked the ones with the highest customer ratings.

South Chicago Packing

To be honest I had never heard of the South Chicago Packing Wagyu beef tallow.

wagyu tallow

This container holds 42 ounces of South Chicago Wagyu Tallow.

Fatworks American Wagyu Beef Tallow

fatwork wagyu tallow

The Fatworks Wagyu beef tallow is available in a few sizes. So you can choose the one that fits your needs the best.

Walmart Wagyu Tallow

Walmart carries several brands of Wagyu Tallow and it will take too much room to mention them here.
So, I just provide a link to the most sold one and you can click through from there.

Meat N Bone Wagyu Tallow

While I was writing my Meat N Bone review I did not realize or spent too much attention to it and focused merely on their meat.

wagyu beef tallow in a jar on a table

However, their A5 Wagyu Miyazaki Guy beef tallow is a top-selling item.

It comes in an 8-ounce jar and is a little higher priced because of the Miyazaki beef that is used for it,

Wagyu Beef Tallow – My Opinion

If you have read some of my articles here you know I am a person that takes healthy food very seriously.

Tallows are used for centuries and for a good reason. However, with the option to add Wagyu to the equation it becomes even healthier.

The benefits of Wagyu beef are well known. The only bad thing about Wagyu beef tallow is the price.

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