Complete Guide To Cuts Of Beef

Before I started to get interested in cooking in general and meats in particular I did not know too much about all the cuts of meat on a cow.

That was a good reason to find a guide to cuts of beef.

Although there are many charts and pictures available online that explain where the different cuts are I decided to dig a little deeper.

Here is one of the charts I found but, to be honest, it still did not explain too much to me about what the cut was that I was eating.

cuts of beef chart

A Video Explains It Better

I found a video of a very experienced butcher that cuts up halve a steer and tells us what the cuts of meat are that he is cutting up.

I was amazed by the way he used his knives and realized that I still had a lot to learn pon how to cut meat.

More Cuts Of Beef

If you live in a different part of the world there are also different cuts and even if they are the same they are named different.

I have been in Europe and looked at cuts of meat that I had no idea what they were. Although they looked great.

Until I came in a butcher shop where a Canadian butcher worked and gave me a little insight on how to compare them to the American cuts of beef.

I know that this is a short article and I could have written more but the butcher in the video gave such a detailed explanation that I had nothing to add to it.

Peter Jameson

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