Complete Guide To Cuts Of Beef

Before I started to get interested in cooking in general and meats in particular I did not know too much about all the cuts of meat on a cow.

That was a good reason to find information on and write a complete guide to cuts of beef.

Although there are many charts and pictures available online that explain where the different cuts are I decided to dig a little deeper.

Here is one of the charts I found but, to be honest, it still did not explain too much to me about what the cut was that I was eating.

Cuts of Beef

guide to cuts of beef chart

This might still leave some questions unanswered. So I tried to find more information and the video here answered a lot more questions for me.

A Video Explains It Better

I found a video of a very experienced butcher that cuts up halve a steer and tells us what the cuts of meat are that he is cutting up.

I was amazed by the way he used his knives and realized that I still had a lot to learn about how to cut meat.

I think he explained very well all the cuts we use here in the United States although it is my experience that in different states there are differences in how beef is cut.

Some of the ways part of the cow is cut are coming from other parts of the world and are cut this way because customers ask for them.

More Cuts Of Beef

If you live in a different part of the world there are also different cuts and even if they are the same they are named differently.

I have been in Europe and looked at cuts of meat that I had no idea what they were. Although they looked great.

Until I came into a butcher shop where a Canadian butcher worked and gave me a little insight on how to compare them to the American cuts of beef.

I know that this is a short article and I could have written more but the butcher in the video gave such a detailed explanation that I had nothing to add to it.

I can only advise you to have a good knife for cutting meat. In the past, I just used any knife I had but since I bought some better knives I wished I made that purchase a long time ago.

Complete Guide To Cuts Of Beef – My Opinion

When I order meat online I sometimes wonder from what part of the cow it’s coming.

It is almost impossible to write a complete guide. There are too many differences just in the US alone and even more all over the world.

Some people ask me after they read my article about where to buy grass-fed beef if it is cut differently, but this is not the case.

If you think you can add some valuable information feel free to add it to the comments or contact me and I will add it here.

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