Most Consumed Meat in the World

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Meat has become a vital part of the diet of billions of people across the world. Meat contains plenty of nutrients, minerals and fat which are beneficial for human health.

The edible parts and flesh of animals, birds (fowls)and fish are generally considered as meat. Meat is an essential source of proteins, iron, zinc, vitamin(B12) and other minerals. 

“Chicken is the most consumed meat in the world, as per the current statistics. Pork and beef hold second and third positions respectively”

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10 most consumed meat in the world (2021)

The metric is Kilotons. 1 kiloton is 1.000.000 Kilogram and equals 2204622 Pounds. (1)

Meat Amount of consumption(in metric kilotons) 
Goat meat5.6
Goose meat2.3
Rabbit meat.89

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Chicken is one of the favorite meats of millions of people. Being the premier source of protein, consuming chicken helps in weight management and supports the overall functioning of the body. It provides strength to muscles and bones and enhances the amount of serotonin that is associated with mood.

Chicken is however prone to Salmonella so pay attention to handle it in a safe mattter.

“Chicken is the most affordable meat, with which a number of delicious dishes and snacks are being made. “

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The countries which stand in the top positions in terms of consumption of chicken are as follows

The USA17.2 metric kilotons
China14.7 metric kilotons
Brazil10.5 metric kilotons
Source: index mundi



The most popular meat of the western world and Central Europe, pork, is the culinary name used for mentioning the meat of the domestic pig.

“Pork is considered to be the finest source of protein, niacin, vitamins B6 and B12, iron and zinc. It is also a rich source of minerals such as phosphorus, thiamine and selenium.”

Pork comes under the category of high priced meat in Asian countries. It is assumed that the global consumption of pork by 2030 will reach 127 million metric tons. The countries which consume the highest amount of pork are:

China 48.4 metric kilotons
EU-2718.6 metric kilotons
The USA9.6 metric kilotons
Source: index mundi

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The third most consumed meat, beef, is the culinary name given for cattle meat. Beef is mainly noted for its richness of L-carnitine, which plays a prominent role in fat metabolism. It also contains an enormous amount of glutathione, an important antioxidant.

“Beef intake of beef also helps in improving muscle mass. “

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The countries with a high volume of beef consumption are as follows:

The USA12.2 metric kilotons
China19.2 metric kilotons
Brazil7.2 metric kilotons
Source: index mundi



Lamb has become popular in countries such as North Africa, India, and certain regions of the Middle East and Europe.

“Consumption of lamb meat helps to prevent anemia. Moreover, it contains vitamins and minerals to boost immunity and prevent fatigue.”

The countries with a high rate of consumption of lamb meat are as follows

Mongolia50 kg per person
Turkmenistan25 kg per person
Iceland22 kg per person
Source: Faostat, National Statistical offices

Goat meat


Goat meat is greatly consumed in the Middle East and India. The special feature of goat meat is that it is low in cholesterol, fat and sodium. In addition, it is a treasury of proteins.

“The meat is ideal for slow cooking. The countries with high consumption of goat meat are”

Nepal2.47 kg per person
Myanmar1.89 kg per person
Pakistan1.72 kg per person
Source: Indexbox Al platform



The USA is the largest producer of turkey meat in the world. Turkey meat is mainly served during the thanksgiving ceremony.

“Turkey is an abundant source of amino acid tryptophan, minerals and vitamins which are good for health. “

The countries with high consumption of turkey meat are as follows:

The USA2.61 metric kilotons
Brazil.470 metric kilotons
Canada.177 metric kilotons



Duck meat is greatly noted for providing 50% of the total protein that we need a day. It is a Nutri – dense meat with healthy unsaturated fat.

“Another feature of duck meat is that it has zero allergies and intolerance.”

The countries with high consumption of duck meat is as follows.

China5.5M tonnes
France203 kilotons
Myanmar 174 kilotons
Source : Indexbox Al platform



Buffalo meat has greater similarity with beef in terms of quality and composition. Yet, its fat is milky white in colour. Buffalo meat is the best choice for the enhancement of value-added meat, owing to its super processing quality.

“Buffalo has low cholesterol and fat. “

The countries with high consumption of buffalo meat are 

India1.63 metric kilotons
Pakistan1.08 metric kilotons
China0.66 metric kilotons
Source: FAO

Goose meat

Goose meat is the primary dish during Christmas in many European countries including Germany. Also, it is a common dish in eastern regions such as China and Hongkong. It is an excellent source of protein and the best dietary source of glycine.

“Goose meat holds the best ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acids.”

The greatest consumers of goose meat are as follows

China5.5M tonnes
France203 kilotons
Myanmar 174 kilotons
Source: Indexbox Al platform

Rabbit meat

Rabbit meat holds incredible nutritive and dietetic properties. Yet, the overall consumption of rabbit meat is comparatively lesser. The scale of rabbit meat consumption in the  Mediterranean countries also shows a decreasing trend. Still, in China, Italy and Mexico the graph is increasing.

The countries with high consumption of rabbit meat are as follows

China925 kilotons
Korea154 kilotons
Egypt57 kilotons
Source: market research firm IndexBox
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