Can You Can Hotdogs? Yes, Read Here Why And How

Hot dogs, also known as Frankfurter/ Sausage/ Wiener with their origin in Germany, are one of the trending street foods, especially in the USA. Mainly served hot, the hotdog is very much similar to the sandwich in its assembling with a sausage of beef/pork/chicken in between partially halved buns.

Hot dogs are canned nowadays as they are usually very cheap and available, and it makes sense to try to keep some for the hard times or even for inconvenient times such as snowstorms and power failures.

“The best hot dogs to can are beef, with no nitrates and nitrites, because they hold up better and are healthier than the other hot dogs.”

Storing canned hotdogs may help you whenever you run out of food for meals. Hence, finding some time for canning hotdogs is definitely not a bad idea at all.

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Now, let’s have a look into the explanation of several questions you have had in your mind regarding canning hotdogs.

How Can Hotdogs Be Canned?

Basically, there are two known methods for canning hotdogs. The first one is the traditional method of using sauce or stock and the second one is by mixing beans and sauce.

There are a series of steps involved in the canning of hot dogs. If you wish to can hotdogs, the primary thing you need to consider is to arrange the equipment required for pressure canning it and also the liquid for doing so.

In addition, keep in mind that the water bath method is not suitable at all for canning hot dogs. Importantly, the sterilization of each ingredient and equipment is very much necessary for ensuring the safety of canned food.

Equipment For Canning Hotdogs

  • Pressure cooker: Select the pressure cooker based on the number of hotdogs you are planning to can. For canning a large portion, it is wiser to get a large one to save time and expense. Two types of cookers, apt for canning hotdogs, are available –  the dial-type pressure canner and weighted gauge pressure canner. Always follow the instructions given in the manufacturer’s manual while handling a pressure canner. Do not forget to insert a rack for enabling the circulation of boiling water under the jar.
  • Jar (with lid and ring): Jars with proper lids will be appropriate for canning. While buying jars for canning, either get ones with lids attached or if you do not find one as such, then buy the jars first and get the lids matching the jars separately.
  • Large saucepan: Consider a large saucepan for boiling the sauce.
  • Tongs, knives, and cutting boards are the other items that will be required for the canning process. As these are very common in every kitchen, I do not prefer to put them in the special item list.

There are two golden rules that one should not forget while choosing equipment for canning hotdogs:

  1. Ensure that the equipment chosen for the purpose of pressure canning is in proper working condition. If not, a pressure canner with flaws may result in spoiling the food.
  2. Arrange everything you need for the canning process in the close vicinity. So that you would not have to go in search of the knife or jar in the midst of preparation.

Ingredients For Canning Hotdogs

  1. Hotdogs – as per the number of jars you have for canning
  2. Sauce or broth or baked beans – Two cups per jar is the perfect count. Always store more amount of sauce while planning to can hotdogs
  3. Hot water

Steps To Can Hotdogs

Step 1: Slice the hot dogs into small pieces and boil the jars, lids, and rings in the water, which has been already heated in the pressure canner. It is important to get thin hotdogs for canning rather than big-sized ones.

Step 2: Now, choose the broth or sauce you want to use for canning the hotdog. Either you can purchase one from the shop and mix it with broth or you can prefer the one made at home. 

Step 3: Boil the sauce and slowly dip the hot dog pieces into it and cook on low flame for 10 to 12 minutes.

Step 4: Now, fill the boiled jar with hot dogs up to its neck (one-inch headspace should be left) and pour the sauce into the jar (leaving one-inch space from the jar neck). 

Step 5: Bring a cloth soaked in vinegar and wipe the rims of the jar. Close the jar using the hot lid, and place the canning ring.

Step 6: Place the jar in the boiling water inside the pressure canner. 

Step 5: Keep the jar inside the canner for around 1 hour and 15 minutes at 8 to 10 pounds of pressure.

Step 6: Instead of using sauce or broth, Boston baked beans can also be used by following the same steps given above.

How Long Do Canned Hotdogs Last?

Usually, homemade canned meat products have a shelf life of almost two years if unopened, and once it is opened, they will not expire for one year. Commercially produced tinned meat items may not get spoiled for two to five years. 

Hotdogs that you order online are available in packaged form and will remain fresh for around two weeks in the refrigerator if not opened.  If you wish to keep an opened pack, then it will be safer for a week in the refrigerator at under 4 degrees Celsius. To maintain quality, it is better to freeze it for two months, so you can be sure of avoiding spoiling in the long term. 

As canned hotdog is low acidic, they will not be contaminated for two to five years. Yet, it would always be wiser to open the pack in one year and to refrigerate it soon after opening. Those hotdogs canned in a sauce such as a tomato/chili/barbecue do also have a chance to get spoiled faster.

How To Store Hot Dogs Safely?

Here are the different ways to store hotdogs:

  1. Refrigerate before use – until we open the pack, it should be kept in the refrigerator.
  2. Seal the jar – If you happen to open a jar or pack it for the first time, make sure to seal it tightly.
  3. Refrigerate after use: After use, always seal the jar, then refrigerate it again to assure the safety of the food.

Proper storage of canned hot dogs is very much necessary as their contamination may cause serious foodborne diseases such as Salmonella. Always adhere to the proper storage methods which will be helpful for keeping the food safe for a long period of time.

How To Identify Whether The Canned Hotdog Is Spoiled?

You may identify whether the canned hotdog is spoiled or not by its color, smell, texture, and difference in taste. Hotdogs can be preserved for the long term by storing them in the refrigerator soon after use. The bacteria called  Listeria Monocytogenes present in canned hotdogs will not grow fast while kept in the refrigerator. (Source)

Canned hotdogs are required to be kept at room temperature and should also prevent direct contact with sunlight and heat as it may lead to the spoiling of the canned item. Constant checking of the canned products will be a great solution to identify if there are any spaces or openings in the jar lid that may lead to contamination. If you find any, then dump the food item at the earliest to avoid getting food poisoned.

Best Sauces For Canned Hot Dogs

Rather than tomato sauces and BBQ sauces, there are a plethora of options that complement well with canned hotdogs. It is important to avoid sauces with an acid content, as it may not help the preservation of the product as intended. 

Here are the top five sauces for canned hotdogs:

  1. BBQ sauce
  2. Chilli sauce
  3. Onion sauce
  4. Relish
  5. Tomato ketchup

Salted water, broth, and vinegar brine are the other suitable options for getting a spicy, yummy combo. Blending pork and beans to form a beanie weenie mix can also be an alternative. For avoiding contamination, it is advisable to avoid sauces with dairy products like cheese or cream. Whatever your choice is, arrange at least two cups of sauce for each jar you intend to can.

If you plan to use sauces with a tomato base, then the shelf life of the canned hotdog may exceed one year. Those who have an idea for canning in bulk for long-term use must be really focused on the kind of sauce they should use.


Canning hotdogs has become very much common and following the proper techniques for the same is necessary for making it perfect. Those who wish to enjoy their favorite snack whenever needed should not miss canning the hotdogs for which they can buy all the equipment needed now online. Make your summer holidays more memorable with the yumminess of canned hotdogs.

Related Questions

Can you eat canned hot dogs raw?

Though canned hotdogs are pre-cooked, it will be good if you can reheat them before eating as it will avoid the attack of bacteria, if any, present in the food. But, it would not be as riskier as eating cold-half cooked hot dogs. If the tinned product has been handled carefully and is refrigerated properly, then canned hotdogs can be consumed without cooking.

Can you get food poisoning from eating canned hot dogs?

There is no doubt that if the hotdogs are not canned properly, or contaminated due to the breakage of the seal or contact with sunlight, the bacteria in the food product cause serious health issues, including diarrhea, vomiting, fever, or headache.

Is canning hotdogs safe?

Well, canning hotdogs is not as easy as we think. There is always a safety concern hidden behind while conducting the canning process. To avoid the clumping of the meat, make sure to brown the meat and also pour the liquid for canning. 

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