Is Ordering Meat Online Cheaper?

is ordering meat online cheaper

Short answer: yes! Especially when you think time is money!

But there is more to know about the subject of ordering meat online is cheaper.

Against what you might have heard or read, ordering meat online is way more affordable than doing the same with conventional stores. And the best part: the said affordability is not just about money. It entails savings on time and energy too.

That said, we understand you have questions. How come buying meat online is cheaper than with your local butcher? More importantly, are meat always affordable online, or is it seasonal?

Good news: this post will provide answers to your questions. But first, should you buy meat online? Is it safe?

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Are Online-Purchased Meats Safe? Should You Buy Them?

is buying meat online safe

If you are here, you have probably heard the rumor that online meat is not fresh and unsafe for your health. Well, it’s all hogwash. And here’s why:

Online meat retailers, much like your local butchers, don’t have a livestock farm. Instead, they buy from an extensive network of farmers – directly. So, when you make your orders, they send the request to the available farmers and get you your deliverables.

That way, rest assured that the meat is fresh and safe for consumption. Rumor dispelled!

Mind you: if there was a vendor you should fear, it is your local butcher. Why?

Butchers often buy more than they can sell at a go. For that reason, they refrigerate what you’d best eat fresh. So, you see, online meat retailers are not the “bad guys.”

Bottom line: purchasing meat online is safe and a no-brainer. For once, you needn’t worry anymore if your beef or pork is stale. What could be safer?

Besides, online meat is cheaper than brick-and-mortar offers. If you don’t believe that, the reasons below will convince you.

Why Ordering Meat Online Is Cheaper Than Conventional Shops

Lower Operational Cost

Unlike brick-and-mortar shops, online retailers hardly operate physical stores. Instead, they maintain operations online and reduce expenses such as electricity, rent, and most importantly, payroll – they often contract jobs.

Summarily, low operational costs translate to cheap products and services.

Promotional Deals

Another stronghold of online retailers is their marketing deals. There are almost always seasonal sales – and that includes all products, even meat.

Besides seasonal promotions, you stand to get unique discounts when ordering meat in bulk online. And that could be an additional deal if the vendor combines promo.

Note: we are not saying local stores don’t offer discounts on their meat. The truth, however, remains that they have a limit because they already run at their stretch. Any more promotion and the whole business could go bankrupt.

Comfort and Convenience

This part is primarily about you. If you had gone to a local store for meat, you would burn your fuel – which means extra money. Worse: you will be contributing to global warming – which will cost the planet.

What if you’d trekked down to a local butcher?

Well, that might count as an exercise. But it isn’t, really. The chances are that you already did your morning routines. Trekking to get meat would only cost you the time you’d better invest in lucrative deals.

On the other hand, buying meat from online retailers is comfortable. You can make the order via your phone while working, and the delivery van brings your package.

Now, you would argue that the delivery van burns fuel too. Yes, that’s right.

But imagine the effect of one van’s emission on the planet versus everyone driving to buy meat like you. Which of the two do you think is a better option?

Ordering meat online is unequivocally the best option. It is incredibly affordable, safe for your health, and environmentally friendly!

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