5 Healthy Foods To Add To Your Diet

There are a ton of questions that ask what are the healthiest foods that you should eat.

There are just as many answers as there are questions but I have found 5 healthy foods that everyone should add to their diet on a regular basis.

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With the numerous contradicting studies about red meat, salmon can be your out. Like other species of fish, salmon is a GREAT source of protein.

Even better, salmon comes with other vital compounds. Let’s start with omega-3 fatty acids.

Omega-3 helps with eyesight; it protects the eye against soreness and dry-eye syndrome.

Also, omega-3 is instrumental to the health of the brain. In the RIGHT quantity, it can delay aging and memory loss.

In addition to omega-3, salmon also contains potassium and selenium. The former can prevent heart disease and malfunctioning. On the other hand, the latter is crucial to the thyroid gland.

Overall, selenium is vital to regulating the hormonal systems of your body.

Pro tip: while farmed and wild salmon are nutritious, the latter is tastier.

Citrus Fruits

Wild salmon is juicy, no doubt. But it doesn’t come close to citrus fruits, even in nutrients.

Let’s start with flavonoids (one of the nutrients in citrus fruits)!

Flavonoids are crucial to overall wellness. They improve all parts of your body and ultimately extend your lifespan.

And mind you, flavonoids are only one of the beneficial organic compounds in citrus fruits. There are others like coumarins that are equally critical to healthy living.

Flavonoids and coumarins aside, citrus fruits also contain several antioxidants. Of the lot, vitamin C is the most popular.

Vitamin C can reduce inflammation of delicate organs in the body. Also, it boosts the body’s immune system to combat diseases and infections.

Also, citrus fruits are rich in fiber content. Thanks to that, they aid digestion and can prevent complications such as constipation.

Cruciferous Veggies

Vegetables generally are crucial to the body. So much so that the WHO recommends that people take 400g of veggies daily. Youn can read here why you should eat more fresh vegetables

And while you should take a mix of veggies to make the daily requirement, prioritize cruciferous vegetables. Here is why:

Cruciferous veggies contain several body-essential nutrients like other vegetables. However, they did one better with the inclusion of glucosinolates.

Glucosinolates give cruciferous veggies their characteristic flavor. But beyond that, the compound contains antimicrobial elements. Plus, it can relieve body stress.

cutting board with fresh vegetables


Carrots stand out for their beta-carotene and carotenoid. Thanks to those two compounds, carrots are as nutritious as they are crunchy.

Let’s see how beta-carotene and carotenoids help the body!

Beta-carotene fills a gap for the body: the production of vitamin A.

Thanks to carrots, the body gets a fair share of vitamin A. When you take carrots, your body takes beta-carotene contents and converts them to vitamin A.

Carotenoid, on the other hand, is crucial for age-related issues.

Note: white carrots don’t contain beta-carotene. Nevertheless, they still help protect the body against cancer.


Soybeans are delicious proteins with a wide range of uses. You can eat them as tofu or soup for your grains.

Either way, your body will enjoy the several health benefits of the plant.

Regarding health benefits, soybeans contain anti-inflammatory properties (chiefly because of their isoflavone content). As such, they can significantly reduce the likelihood of cancer.

Outside isoflavones, soybeans also contain other minerals. And often, they can help to prevent overeating.


All food contains vital nutrients required for healthy living. So, we won’t advise limiting your diet to the selections in the list. Instead, always eat a balanced diet.

Keep these tips in mind when ordering food online. Have a look at the menu to find the best online food delivery options.


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