Why You Should Eat More Vegetables Than Fruit (5 Benefits)

We know you already eat your veggies. But you can do better. You can incorporate more vegetables into your meal schedule.

And mind you, we are not nudging you over to a full-bore vegetarian. We understand that you wouldn’t let go of a tasteful grilled mix of bacon and tenderloin. We wouldn’t either!

Also, you don’t have to adopt the WHO’s 5 fruits/veggies a day recommendation. However, the sooner you incorporate more vegetables into your meal, the more benefit you’ll reap.

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5 Benefits Of Eating More Vegetables

Better Sleep

If you have been having a hard time sleeping, eating more vegetables can help. By design, veggies contain micronutrients that boost the sleep-wake cycle.

With a regulated sleep-wake cycle, your body will return to its natural reaction to night and day. And you’ll observe more sleep time.

Sleep-wake cycle aside, eating more vegetables means spending less on junk foods. In other words, you’ll have more savings. And not having to think about money can further improve your sleep patterns.

Improved Brain Health

When you sleep adequately, your brain will be relaxed and ready to handle the next day’s work. That’s just one of the ways veggies help the brain.

Another way vegetables help the brain is by regulating blood sugar. If you consume lots of refined food, you might experience insulin resistance.

When that happens, brain functions (especially attention) can be affected.

With veggies, on the other hand, your body will have a regulated insulin level. Hence, your brain will perform at its best.

Insulin regulation aside, veggies contain antioxidants that protect the brain from inflammation. Avocados and tomatoes (for example) are known for their anti-inflammatory properties.

Also, Spinach has a unique ability to limit memory decline.

Overall, veggies and their antioxidants will help boost your brain functioning and balance.

Enhanced Energy

Ordinarily, good sleep and enhanced brain functioning will ensure that your energy level is always adequate. But eating more vegetables can help even further.

Veggies contain metabolism-friendly vitamins. In particular, vitamin B can speed up the rate your body produces energy.

Mind you, vitamin B doesn’t just stop at enhancing overall energy. It helps women (especially the pregnant ones) to reduce nausea. And for men, vitamin B can improve muscle tone.

Improved Digestion

Outside nervous coordination, veggies are crucial to your digestive system. They are rich in fiber content which is instrumental for quick digestion.

Furthermore, veggies help the good bacteria in the body for digestion and cellular metabolism. Most importantly, they prevent digestive issues such as constipation and bloating.

And lastly, when you have improved digestion, you can reduce the likelihood of gaining weight. However, be wary of the carb content of the veggies you take; their carb content differs.

For example, a 100g carrot has about 10g of carbs while a cucumber (the same quantity) contains 3.6g.

Overall, selectively pick low-carb veggies that match your weight loss requirements. However, you might have to discuss with an expert to determine your daily carb limit.

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Overall Wellbeing And Happiness

While there might not be a direct correlation between veggies and happiness, we know they improve your wellbeing. Vegetables help with your nervous, circulatory, and even digestive systems. All those contribute to your wellbeing.

In the end, living with fewer health worries will make you happy. And that right there is why you should eat more vegetables.

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