White Eggs Or Brown Eggs?

white and brown eggs in a bowl

When you ask people their opinion about the difference between white and brown eggs you get all kinds of answers.

The ones I hear the most are:

  • Brown eggs are farm eggs and are dirty
  • Brown eggs are more expensive
  • White eggs taste better
  • Brown eggs taste better
  • Brown eggs are healthier
  • White eggs come from a poultry farm

For a long time, I had the same opinion as many others. I decided to dig a little deeper and try to find the answer to the question of what is the real difference between white and brown eggs.

The Truth About White And Brown Eggs!

“There is no difference!! The color of an egg is determined by the race of the chicken and nothing else.”

I am in the lucky circumstances that I have a farm just down the road where I get my eggs from. When I asked them what customers think about the color of their eggs I got the same answers I wrote at the top of this article.

The Taste Difference Between White And Brown Eggs.

The taste of white or brown eggs you buy at the store has the same taste. The reason is that they get the same food.

“What a chicken eats determines how its eggs taste.”

However, the fresh eggs I buy from the farm have a totally different (read: better) taste than the store-bought I sometimes use in my cooking.

The reason for that is that on the farm I get my eggs from is that the chicken roams around all day and eats what they can find.

They just get fed some additional food that is organic and they are fed no hormones or any antibiotics in that food.

“The difference in the food the chicken eat is in my opinion also the explanation for the taste difference.”

Price Difference Between White and Brown Eggs

There is no logical explanation for why the brown eggs are most of the time higher than the white eggs.

My guess is that brown eggs are considered healthier by many people although that fact I just debunked and this could be a marketing reason to charge more.

There is a possibility that can explain it maybe.

Chicken races that lay brown eggs are in some cases bigger chickens. That could mean that a chicken egg farm does not get the same number of eggs as when they use another race that lays white eggs

What Eggs Are Healthier

I am not a scientist and my answer here is merely my personal opinion. I strongly believe that when chickens are roaming around and eat what they can find they deliver better-tasting eggs.

for some people that is a gross idea because t chickens eat anything, they can find from worms to slugs, bugs, and kitchen leftovers. But that is how it was meant to be in nature.

I believe that this will end up in a healthier egg especially compared to the poultry farms where they are couped up and fed food that contains all types of additives such as antibiotics.

2 white and2  brown eggs on straw

Brown Or White Eggs – My Opinion

As I have shown above the only difference is that they come from a different race of chicken and that the color has nothing to do with the taste.

“After all, you don’t eat the shell, do you?”

However, eggs from a farm where they can roam and eat their natural food taste soo much better in my experience. If you look at the color of the yolk you can see the difference.

There are online stores where you can order organic food and eggs are one of them. My suggestion is to do that if you can’t find them on a local farm or farmer’s market.

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