What is considered exotic meat?

Beef till now is considered the king of the red meat industry, but leaner specialty meats have been finding their way onto our menu all around the United States. People are now looking for something unusual to eat that could excite their taste buds.

Americans in particular have a very limited palate for meat. There is a vast world of food choices, a little strange, but surprisingly more delicious! So here we bring some choices in exotic meat to help you experiment with some new meat.

When I started writing about the best meat delivery services on this page. I found several ones that sell exotic meats.

“However, here are 5 exotic types of meat that could almost come from your own backyard.”

1.      Alligator and crocodile

crocodile on lake shore

Alligator and crocodile meat are very high in protein and have a low level of fats and calories. It is nearly similar in texture to pork and chicken, alligator meat is lean white which is exceptionally tender and juicy. It is advisable not to eat gator deep-fried as it may limit the number of nutrients. The best part is the crocodile’s tail which tastes very similar to veal. If you get the right crocodile is a great meat to add to your repertoire. It takes on plenty of flavor and taste that won’t be all that unfamiliar to you.

2.      Wild boar

wild boar in a field

It is a certainly better alternative to pork, wild boar is leaner and tastes better than pork. With exceptionally lower saturated content and cholesterol, it is indeed a healthier choice for you. The meat of wild boar is reddish in color and has a bold flavor with a hint of sweetness and nut. Ensure that you are biting the right thing to get the full experience.

3.      Ostrich

Ostrich in a field

Despite being from the bird, ostrich is, surprisingly, red meat and a good shade darker than beef at that. Ostrich meat is low in cholesterol, fat, and calories in comparison to beef. Its taste has been described as not too far from its bovine equivalent; some even struggle to notice a difference, but due to its low-fat content, it is not marbled with the stuff, as it can dry out while cooking.

So try marinating which is highly recommended to keep the meat moist. Also eating it medium rare rather than well done is the way it should be.

4.      Python

rolled up python

On first, and possibly second appearance, eating a reptile of this kind may not seem all that appetizing. Also trying to sink your teeth into a serpent, speaking of which rattlesnakes are regularly consumed in the midwestern United States, as python is a truly exotic delicacy, however, may be challenging to cook. Gamier than pork, but if it is cooked poorly, takes on a tough, rubbery texture.

If you are frying, slice thin and cook for under a minute on each side. It’s even being offered as a pizza topping in Florida.

5.      Rabbit

rabbit eating grass

Rabbit has gained popularity among people because of its exceptional flavor and health benefits. Rabbit has a high amount of nutrition and is rich in protein, particularly when compared to chicken, veal, and beef. Rabbit meat is also rich in iron and minerals like phosphorous and potassium. All this nutritional nature of rabbit meat makes it the healthiest exotic meat available.

My Take on Exotic Meat

I know that when people think about exotic meat they think about meat from Africa or South America. But here in our own United States, there are exotic meats that you can try.

I believe that the fact that you can order exotic meats is one of the benefits of using an online meat delivery service.

If you are looking for these types of meat you can find them in online meat stores as in the Fossil Farms reviews I did. I had a look at it and put some really exotic ones on my shopping list to try.

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