Is Paying For Meal Prep Worth It And Is It Cost Effective?

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I have seen the question is paying for meal prep worth it several times and it is time to find an answer to this question.

Here Is The Bottom Line!

“A meal prep service is more expensive than cooking from scratch with food you bought at the grocey store. However, if you cooking skills., busy work and social schedule prevent you from doing that a meal prep service is probably healthier and cheaper than eating out or ordering delivery.”

So, yes it is worth paying for meal prep because of the time you save on grocery shopping and cooking!

However, to have a good look at why I think this we have to dig a little deeper and the answer should maybe also contain it depends.

For Who Are Meal Prep Services

I think a meal prep service is worth paying for especially if you have some of the following circumstances.

  • Demanding Job
  • Work long hours
  • Busy social life
  • No cooking skills

There are probably more reasons to find to the question is a meal prep service worth it but these 4 are in my opinion the most important ones.

What Is The Average Cost Of Meal Prep?

After doing all my research here I think it is safe to say that although prices vary, the average price on average is about $10 – 12 dollars per serving.

There is a difference in what type of meal prep service you use. A fully prepped meal that you only have to heat up will cost more than a meal kit delivery service where you still have to cook your meal.

Is It Cheaper To Meal Prep Yourself.

Yes, without a doubt doing your own meal prepping and freezing them is cheaper than using a meal prep service.

But taking in consideration all the things I wrote above it is not al black and white. There are several things you have to think about in your specific situation if it is cheaper to prepare meals yourself.

Are Meal Prep Services Cost Effective?

As I mentioned above a meal prep service is more expensive than a home cooked meal but it is probably still cheaper than dining out or picking up a take out meal at a restaurant.

This means in my opinion that using a meal prep service can actually save you money compared to take out and eating at restaurants.

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Who Should Not Use A Meal Prep Service

In general I think a meal prep service is not for the experienced home cook that love to cook their own meals from scratch or from products they ordered online.

This not an easy to answer question and it can vary from person to person.

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Is Paying For Meal Prep Worth It – My Opinion

I have used several of the meal prep services I have been writing about here on the Couch Potato Delivery website.

I have use complete meals, meal kits and ordered several meat package online. The quality was better than I expecte in most cases.

A meal prep service can be a nice option to use for people who do not have the time or skills to cook a meal at home that is made from fresh ingredients from the store.

By using a meal prep service and all the options to choose from you can pick a meal that fits your life style and the diet that goes with that.

I also gives you the option to try out new recipes and see if you like them before trying to cook them yourself.

The prices might be higher but still beat the price of eating at a restaurant and it might also be healhtier.

It is easier to pick prepped meals for picky eaters with the variety of services you can choose from.

You can also read my 5 things to know about meal delivery to be even better informed.

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