How Much To Feed A Dog

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The amount of food you should feed your dog depends on several factors including breed, size, and activity level.  Irrespective of the dog breed you have, you should try to provide a healthy diet for them which will make them happy. In this article, you will discover how much food is appropriate to feed your dog.

Factors that can affect how you feed your dog

While many dog charts might help online, they come with limitations. You should ensure you consider the following factors when feeding your dog :


The particular lifestyle your dog lives in will affect the food they are given. If they are the sports dog or you take them hunting, then you need to offer them meals rich in protein and carbohydrates. However, for home dogs and canines who don’t go out often, vitamins are a good option.


All dog breeds have their nutritional values and what suits their body. If your dog is alsatian, build, or bohemian, you should consider giving them lots of bones. Also fish are a good meal for mixed breeds who eat well.


If your dog is obese or underweight, its intake may be huge till they become healthy. Even when you take them to the Vet, you may give them a special diet. These diets are good for weight gain or loss and are very nutritious.


If your dog is at the infant stage, they require a huge amount of proteinous food. Also, you should try giving them food rich in fat, nutrients, and calories. A growing dog needs more calories than a big dog.


Because an adult dog’s metabolism reduces calorie intake, you need to follow this trend. When your dogs start maturing you will need to reduce their meal intake.

Calory Intake

An average cup of dry food has between 300-600 calories. So based on your dogs, you can decide to adjust the meal servings. This is important to avoid overfeeding your dog and making them obese.

How Often and what are the requirements of feeding a Puppy

The Value of puppies’ nutritional needs differs from old to young dogs. To Begin with, puppies usually eat more than adult dogs. Therefore depending on the breed of your dogs and their age, they may eat about 4 or 5 meals daily. Professional Vets recommend you watch the dog, not the dish.

You could decide to schedule their meals and take them away after 25 minutes. This helps you establish good feeding habits for the dog. With this strategy, you will learn how much food your puppy requires and know how to feed them m

When a puppy doesn’t finish his food in a meal, hunger will let them finish it later. Also because they are fed regularly, they won’t be hungry for long.

]The amount your dog eats also depends on its breed. A good example is a Toy and small dog breed :3-5 meals daily, Average Breeds : 3 meals daily, Large breeds:2-3 breeds.

Methods of feeding your dog

Here are some ways you can feed your dog :


Based on your dog’s personality, many mature dogs know how much food they need. People who own these dogs are happy because they have little or no problems with their dogs’ health. Using the method, all you need to do is give them food in the morning and let them decide if they have enough. 

This is the easiest way to feed dogs, however, it doesn’t work for many dogs. This is because dogs are known to eat more than they need and become overweight. Dogs who feed via this method are also sometimes spoiled which can be a problem for people with children.

Schedule Feeding

Dog owners with live-to-eat dogs can help their pets with feeding control. If your dogs are healthy and of age, this type of feeding is advised. You could also consider this feeding method for pets with medical conditions which includes vomiting. If you don’t feed enough dogs such as these are susceptible to nausea.

Once a day Feeding

This is a controversial method of feeding because Vets are divided on their effectiveness. According to one school of thought, once-a-day feeding isn’t ideal because It can lead to stress and anxiety. While it’s advised that dogs feed twice, evidence has shown that dropping the food to one daily can be beneficial. Some even believe that once-a-day feeding can increase the lifespan of Dogs. Your best bet is to contact a Vet for the best for your dog.

How Much To Feed A Dog – Conclusion

You should feed your dog based on several factors which can improve their health. Also, ensure you talk to an experienced Vet to provide the right feeding chart for your dog. 

one of the most important things is to feed your dog quality dog food that fits the lifestyle and age of your dog.

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