Couch Potato Meaning

person sitting on the couch watching TV on a laptop.

When I was looking for a name for this website and decided to call it Couch Potato Delivery I did not realize that the word couch potato also has a little bit of negative meaning.

I looked at the Merriam-Webster dictionary and this is what I found what the meaning of the word couch potato is according to them.

“a lazy and inactive person especially one who spends a great deal of time watching television”

That does not mean that everyone who sits on the couch and watches TV after a day’s work is a lazy person of course.

Is couch potato offensive?

I guess it is hard to answer this question. If you are a lazy person that fits the Merriam-Webster dictionary description, it might be offensive. However, if you are not and just take a day of rest it probably is not.

I would almost say: if the shoe fits……

Why did I call this website Couch Potato Delivery?

First of all, it has never been my intention to hurt anybody’s feelings with the word couch potato.

I was just looking for a catchy name for this website and after searching for hours and hours I stumbled upon the term couch potato and combined it with the word delivery.

The reason I combined them is that I was going to write about food delivery services and everything related to them.

So, sitting on the couch and ordering food from one of the delivery services I am writing about would fit the description of this website without me trying to offend anyone.

The visitors of the Couch Potato Delivery website.

I strongly believe that most visitors to my website do not fit in the couch potato category. My reason for this is that, in my opinion, the couch potato category fits people who order more food like Pizza, Hamburgers, and that types of food.

I write here about high-quality food delivery services, that you can start to find on the home page and that do not fit the “junk food” category.

The couch potato website visitors are probably better to be qualified as people who have busy jobs and life.

They like to combine this lifestyle with healthy food that either comes fully prepared to their doorsteps or comes in the form of a meal kit that they prepare themself at home.

My goal for the couch potato delivery website.

Again I like to emphasize that it has never been my attention to hurt anybody’s feelings with the name I choose for the website. I simply tried to find a catchy and easy-to-remember name for it.

I am only reviewing and writing about food delivery services that offer high-quality food. This can range from complete meals to meat, snacks, and even seafood and food for pets.

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Peter Jameson

Peter Jameson is passionate about eating healthy food. While he is doing his search for this, he will share that with the Couch Potato Delivery's readers. As an experienced home cook, he knows what to look for in the food delivery services he reviews. You can find more about him here.